Saturday, November 3, 2012

Personal - A “Meeting”


On-Line friendships are an interesting development. They are similar to those I created in my “ham” radio days – distant, tentative yet personal in an odd way. I am, by nature, a “hugger” – I embrace people easily and am driven to get to know much more about them than an on-air, or on-line persona. Today I had the opportunity to meet an on-line friend of about 11 months for a quick meal, a face2face meeting and some very good conversation.

It’s been a long week – new customer, new install, new trainings – and hours and hours and hours and . . . . . of windshield time. It was time to head for home – a 2-day process. I noted that I would come within “calling” distance of Ms. B – the blogger know as Brigid of Home on the Range. So, at the end of a very long day of driving – including snow, sleet and rain, I sat with her and a friend for a very nice meal and good conversation. There is something about sitting down to a meal with another that lowers barriers, encourages conversation and allows the true person to appear. And so it was. What a genuinely nice person – warm, funny, chatty -  that met me with the warm hug of a long-time friend.

Ms. B – it was great to meet you in person, looking forward to the next time! And, one of your world-famous home cooked meals!



  1. I have only met her on line and talked briefly on the phone. I would imagine nothing less as you say meeting in person.

  2. Yep, truly good folks... Not going to admit how long we have known each other... since she's only 29 :-)

  3. Man, I'm jealous! Of both of y'all!!! Met a few online friends (married to one!), but the list of those I would love to meet just keeps growing. Maybe we can all get together in the same stronghold when the Zombie Alpaca-lypse happens? That'd be awesome!

    BTW, Zombie alpacas suck. That fur falls out in clumps, and just gets into everything.

  4. It was great to finally meet you. It was just like chatting with family. Next time, I'll plan ahead, so dinner will be at my place with all the fixings.

  5. Keads - yep, what you read on-line is, indeed, who the woman is!

    Old NFO - yep, indeed. Didn't know she's older than I, of course I'm 26 and a bit dyslexic . . . . :)

    Rapid - perhaps a less stressful environment?????

    Ms. B - looking forward to it!

  6. Glad you both had a great time. Things only get better.