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Monday, March 11, 2013

Range Trip - LaserLyte 3/11/2013


Monday is starting out a bit slow.  I had/have some time while a customer’s notebook tries to paste itself back together so I spent 15 minutes on the LaserLyte Range this morning.  For those new to the blog, I “shoot” 5 Stages, 5 rounds per stage.  I record the “hits” on my reduced size IDPA targets in a little notebook along with the time to the hit.  I use the IPSC Shot Timer I just reviewed to time my shots.  Then I summarize them and add them to my Range Log.  It’s not perfect but it keeps me working on my draw from concealment with my carry weapon and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg in ammunition or a great deal of time away from work.  I believe it’s a solid part of my whole training program.

Today was a GOOD day.  100% of all hits were “on paper”.  Usually when I am pushing a bit a couple slide high-right, but not today.  And, 3 of the 5 stages were sub-1.5 second.  I liked that a lot!  My final stage was 100% on paper, 1.47 seconds average for 5 draws and ALL within the “O-Ring”.  Nice way to end the session.  My final average, for all 25 draws was 1.53 seconds, I’m happy with that.

I am considering a SIRT Pistol for follow on shots since a LaserLyte round required racking the slide after each shot.  Not sold on the idea of it, but since they now offer a replacement carrier bolt for my AR as well, there might be some interesting things that could be done switching between the AR and the G17.  Will let you know if I move forward with that.

All that said – keep training.  Dry fire, range time, reviewing training videos, taking training classes . . . . if you ARE NOT USING YOUR SHOOTING SKILLLS . . . . they are diminishing!

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