Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Commentary - They chose the ice cream cone . . . .


Just some thoughts on the election last night and what it means to you as a person who is actively training for personal defense.

There has been any number of reasons for Obama’s win that has been talked about during today’s review of last night’s results by “the pundits”.

Romney didn’t speak to the people . . .

Obama had more empathy . . . .

The republicans need to reach out to Hispanics . . . . Blacks . . . . Women . . . Vaginas . . . .

Hurricane Sandy gave Obama a boost . . . .

Cristy blew it by embracing Obama . . . .

. . . . and on, and on, and on, and on . . . . . .

I think the reason is much easier to understand . . . . they chose the fellow who gave them “the ice cream cone”.

Today, as I type this we are a nation with 23 MILLION unemployed ( a rate nearing 15%), we offer 99 WEEKS of unemployment assistance and then – apparently – easily allow an individual to transfer to SS disability. The roles of the food stamp programs overflow with folks that have seemingly taken up fulltime residence. 49% of folks in the country pay no income taxes. There are more on the local, state and federal payroll systems than are employed by the private sector. Here, in the state of Iowa, a person can collect nearly $34,000 is public assistance.

And President Obama confidently stood before the American people, chided Romney for being so out of touch and held out all these “ice cream cones” and said: “Vote for me and the ice cream will keep coming.” America chose “the ice cream cone” over freedom, over personal responsibility, over moral behavior. I believe the tipping point has been reached, there is no going back. We see evidence of this throughout Europe – Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Britain – to name just a few. Our populace is now addicted to “the ice cream cone” and it will not go well if the flow stops . . .

It’s not going to go well . . . . .

How does this feed into personal defense??

Folks used to seeing a monthly deposit show up on their HHS card - each and every month - will be “disappointed” when that stops, or when it only buys ¼ of what they are used to buying. And that gravy train is going to stop . . . . .

Romney had a chance to begin to bend the curve. That chance is gone. Obama shows no signs of seriously curtailing his spending habits – but – China is beginning to show concerns about continued lending to the US, at least at current interest rates. Mix in Moody’s hints at another downgrade and it is easy to see that the well could easily run dry in the next 2-4 years. When that happens – those little plastic HHS cards will begin to come up empty. That is not going to go well . . . .

You have all the time you need – today – to begin to prepare for this. I have some thoughts (no real surprise there I suspect).

  • Begin a rainy day cash fund – today. Target $1,000 as soon as you can, then grow it.
  • Lay in a 3-month supply of food. Rotate it.
  • Review your arms – rifle, shotgun, handguns. Nothing fancy, no “tricked out guns”, just good solid weapons.
  • Lay in a store of ammunition – start with 500 rounds for each weapon. Don’t touch this; this is your defensive ammunition.
  • Get range time with .22s, run and confirm your primary weapons are in good working order, know how to strip-clean-and perform simple repairs on all your weapons.
  • Have a plan if TSHTF – nothing need be elaborate – rendezvous points, radio frequencies if appropriate, what to do if you’re separated, etc. Remember, all the time in the world, work on this NOW.
  • Pack a “Go Bag”.
  • Form alliances with your neighbors – get to know them, share your concerns/fears, enroll them if this process.

Of course, you can take this down the road of “prepper madness”, and I have no problem with that at all. I am concerned that you do SOMETHING. The flow of free money and services simply cannot continue – period. When that particular gravy train stops, there will be millions of unhappy folks looking to simply take “what they deserve”. My suggestion is to not be an easy mark.

You earned your own ice cream cone . . . .

You better be prepared to defend it!


  1. I like ice cream, but was hoping for some with nuts.

    1. Ohhhhhhhh . . . . . I think we got some nuts Ms. B. :)

  2. Well stated points. Only have two tricked out rifles and they only have a Trijicon Reflex red-dot and a 4x32 scope. Notice they use no batteries. I have a Bug-out-bag and also a smaller version know as a Get-home-bag and I carry that with me whenever I go to the metropolitan area. One thing I would consider is if you reload, start stocking up on components for reloading. BTW, I LOVE ICE CREAM.

    1. Yeah - unfortunately I like ice cream too.

      Big gun day for me - bought a new Panther Arms Oracle .223 and a Remington 870 tactical shotgun. I do not believe this adventure into another 4 years of Marxism will end well. I plan on introducing a carbine course and a defensive shotgun course this spring - gives me the winter to work out the kinks. Seems like a good time for some new toys. :)

  3. Already there my friend. We shall watch and wait.

  4. Oh, Easy mark? I beg to differ Sir =)

    1. I suspect the folks we (and those other that follow me, you, AGirl, Ms. B and dozens of other gunnies)associate with will be anything but "easy". :)

  5. So Bill, with this 99 weeks of unemployment, does that mean that I can offer reduced priced firearms training courses that are effectively subsidized by the Obama administration?

    And yes, I like ice cream too.

    1. I suspect you could get some kinda "noogie" from the Big "O" for "training". Perhaps the word "Academy" in your name somewhere?? Or "Adult Education Course" . . . . gotta be a way Darin!! :)

  6. Well, I could have just sent folks here. Sorry, I missed this. Very good post!!!!!

    1. Thanks Ms. A - I appreciate it. I like your prepper posts very much. Kinda funny, I'm an old enough fart that I used to help my grandma can and "put up" her garden. Rows and rows and rows of tomatoes, beans, corn, plumbs, black berries, rasberries, jams - it was just a part of the flow of life, taking in the harvest.

      We have lost so very much . . . .