Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Range Trip 7-4-2023


4th of July 2023 . . . what better way to start the day than with a range trip.  Susie and the granddaughter – Lucy – are off to horse camp so I was left to my own devices this morning.  The destination was a pretty easy choice.


I took the Ruger American 22LR and a couple of boxes of Eley Club to the 50-yard range.  I’ve been playing with the front bag a bit and am growing fond of Armageddon Gear’s “Game Changer” bag.  I’ve had it a number of years, but this is the first time I’ve worked my way through the front bags is a systematic fashion.  You can see I have it strapped over my bipod and barrel resting on a bench rest.  Also using a small rear bag as well.  I was pretty darn happy with the results. 


After the “Zero Target” I sent 95 rounds down range on 19 different 2-inch targets.  I dropped 7 rounds (meaning they fell outside of the 2-inch targets for a Accuracy Score of 92.6%.  And the average group size was 1.65 MOA.  Both are well within my goals of 90% and 2 MOA respectively.


I’ve also taken to plotting my average “hold point” for each of the 5 round engagements.  I used RangeBuddy to size and evaluate that as well.  I was down zero with a average group size of 2.03 MOA.  I use this to see how consistent my Point of Aim is.  This is a new parameter I’ve been tracking; we’ll see over time if there’s any real value in it.


So there ya go, a fine time was had – both at the range and at horse camp!


Enjoy your 4th folks.  Our forefathers risked everything to give us the chance to enjoy a day like today.  Let’s do our best not to screw it up.