Friday, November 16, 2012

Just the Basics – Movement Part 2


In an earlier post, I covered the basics of movement. I promised a range video to demonstrate the items discussed – and that is what is contained in this video – actual shooting with movement.

A couple cautions and editorial comments:

First, all cameras were remotely operated. NEVER place yourself in front of a weapon just so you can “get a better shot” because . . . . well . . . . you may actually GET SHOT!!

Practice these movements on your dry fire range first. Use of a LazerLyte round can give you great feedback on your shot placement. Or, use an airsoft pistol – it is one of the three weapons I believe every shooter should have in their bag.

Finally, speed is not the purpose of this video – but presentation of my thoughts on movement and shooting. Should you choose to add these drills to your bag of skills, start slow and deliberate – then work on speed.

And – remember – you have all the time in the world to reholster your weapon. Keep your head in the game for your entire range session – make sure you leave with the same number of holes you arrived with.

About the drills – they revolve around 5 directions of movement; lateral, 2 o’clock, 5 o’clock, 7 o’clock and 10 o’clock. Your purpose for movement is to force your attacker to react to YOU rather than you reacting to HIM. And, it can rapidly create (or maintain) distance from your attacker as he/she attempts to close the distance.

The actual act of shooting your attacker is truly an attempt to “change their mind” about continuing their attack. A couple of “quick hits” will go a long way toward buying your more time to escape, evade or to place more rounds on your threat.

Bottom line – movement is life, playing “range target” insures your family collects on your life insurance.

Movement Part 1 provided a clear explanation of the terms and the basics for movement in each direction. Yet, words – when you are trying to define a specific act or movement – many times falls short. A video can add a great deal of clarity to a subject and that is my desire here. I want you to fully understand what I mean when I say the words “lateral movement” or “oblique movement”. And that is, indeed, the purpose of Movement Part 2 – to physically demonstrate my thoughts on the topic.


Movement While Shooting–Video 1

I’m more than interested in your thoughts – both on the videos as well as the subject matter. How do you integrate movement into your training? Has it been effective for you? Can you place accurate rounds on target? Below is the target I engaged. As I have stated earlier – my goal is 80%. It appears I missed that by a smidge – with a 79%. Always something to work on.

Movement Target

Movement – it’s use is your life insurance policy. Learn it, practice it . . . .

And make the skillset your own!

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