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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Training - The LaserLyte Range


It’s been no secret that I’m fond of my LaserLyte rounds and time on my indoor “range”.  With my Tactical Pistol course coming up Saturday – and not wanting to make a fool of myself – I’ve been working my draw quite a bit this week on a clean draw stroke with a sub-2 second par time.  I thought I’d prep a quick “target’s eye view” of what this process looks like.

  • Weapon:  Glock17
  • Holster:  Blackhawk IWB Leather
  • Distance:  Reduced size IDPA target simulating 21 feet
  • Timer:  And Android timer app set for a par time of 2 seconds
  • Stance:  Modified Weaver, 2-hand, full extension

As they say . . . . . “Let’s go to the tape!”

LaserLyte Indoor Range 5 Rounds 2-7-13

Nothing tricky here.  I want a clean draw stroke, single hand only, 2-hand, full extension and a part time under 2 seconds.  My standard goal is 80% combat effective hits. 

Not a bad way, IMNSHO, to polish your skills.


  1. Yep, good practice and it WORKS!

    1. I think the other thing I like about it is that the "range" is seconds away from my desk. So, I do it more. And, a heck of a lot cheaper! I think my draw is smoothing out over this fall/winter. Guess Saturday will tell the tale! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ms. A - nice to have you drop by! I enjoyed your conversation with M today - she obviously keep you on your toes!! :)

  3. I need to get back out again, with the travels to check on family, there's been no range time in a while.

  4. Great idea. What timer app are you using on your phone?

    1. Hey JT, thanks for dropping by. I use the "IPSC Shot Timer". It's free from the Play store for Android phones. Honestly, it works very, very well.

  5. It's been no secret that I'm fond of my LaserLyte rounds and time on my indoor “range”. With my Tactical Pistol course coming up Saturday ...