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Monday, April 8, 2013

Review - NRA Basic Pistol 4/7/2013 Review


I had a great day Sunday with David, Anthony, Jennifer, Gregory and Scot with Scot traveling all the way from Minneapolis!  One nice thing with a smaller class is that there seems to be a bit more time for general discussions, the range “feels” slower when shooters aren’t stacked and a great dose of 60ish weather helped to make this a fun day!

Once class was over most stayed to try the fit of various handguns I brought to the class and to see about some times they could come to the range to try some of them out.  All-in-all a fine time was had by all!

100_1137  100_1138100_1140  20130407_152216

Contrats once again to David, Anthony, Gregory, Jennifer and Scot!!


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