Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Just the Basics - Every Day Carry and a range trip

Every Day Carry is a term used to define what you put on your body and in your pockets that will give you the ability to defend yourself, your family and those in your charge.  I've written about it a number of times, updated it and posted it in written form with photos.  I thought I'd try something different and do a short video to cover the same material just from a little different angle.

One correction in the video . . . the defensive knife is manufactured by Benchmade and not BladeTech.  My apologies.

For your viewing pleasure . . .

In addition I also had a short practice session following making the video.  I used my standard LETarget SEB target with the usual "rules" in place . . . High Center Mass box - 2-5 rounds.  Numbered shapes as well as the ocular cavity - a single shot.  Finally the pelvic girdle was engaged with three 5-round groups.  The total round count was 60 rounds from 6 yards.  I dropped 7 rounds for a final score of 88%.  My minimum acceptable score is 80% so I am well within my personal expectation.  That said, I felt about 3 of the flyers as soon as I pressed the trigger.  Moral . . . every trigger press is important!  Here is the target from the session.

So, there ya have it . . . some thoughts for the day . . . and the results of my short practice session.  Feel free to let me know what you think.