Saturday, January 12, 2013

Training - The Schedule for 2013


Should have had this up a week ago, still here it is.  This is probably not all the training sessions, I am working on the Intro to Shotgun and a few other 4-hour evening blocks as well.  But, for folks looking to plan their year – here are my offerings:

NRA Instructor Courses

Basic Pistol March 22-23 $250  +  $50 for BIT
Basic Rifle April 19-21 $300  +  $50 for BIT
Basic Shotgun May 17-19 $300  +  $50 for BIT

NOTE:  The NRA requires ALL candidates take the Basic Instructor Training (B.I.T.) every two years.  If you have completed this course, send a copy of your certificate of completion and you may skip the first day of each of these courses.

REGARDING SCOUTING MERIT BADGE COUNSELORS:  If you are taking any of the instructor courses for the purpose of being a Merit Badge Counselor, there will be NO CHARGE for the Basic Instructor Course.  If you are already BIT certified, your course cost will be reduced by $50.

ALSO:  Each candidate must pass a pre-qualification.  Details are listed on the instructors tab of the “Courses” tab on our corporate web site located here.

NRA Basic Pistol

February 17, 2013 $75 + $20 Range Fee
April 7, 2013 $75 + $20 Range Fee
June 16, 2013 $75 + $20 Range Fee
August 18, 2013 $75 + $20 Range Fee
October 13, 2013 $75 + $20 Range Fee

Defensive Pistol I & II

June 29-30 $275 + $20 Range Fee
September 28-29 $275 + $20 Range Fee

NOTE:  Defensive Pistol I is a requirement for Defensive Pistol II.  Each course may be taken separately if desired.  In that event, the price for the single day of training is $175 plus the $20 Range Fee.

Introduction to the AR-15 Carbine

July 20, 2013 $175  +  $20 Range Fee

All course begin promptly at 8AM and end between 4 and 5:30 PM.  A 1-hour lunch break is taken mid-day.

It’s going to be a busy year!  If we are offering something of interest, please go to our company website, investigate the course and sign up by dropping me a note with your name, address, city, state, zip, phone and email.

I look forward to meeting many of you!



  1. I wish I could take them all! I will contact you offline and maybe you can recommend the next course for me. I really enjoyed your basic pistol course. I highly recommend Bill's courses.

  2. Had a great time in "Group Therapy" better known as shooting targets on Friday with 14 gentlemen, one Instructor (Wm Keller) one range officer (Rich Rilling. Jr)and twelve other great guys! The class time on Saturday was awesome, and I would recommend the Basic Pistol Class to anyone who wants to enjoy time learning!!! Looking forward to defensive training this summer!