Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ramblings – Hypocrisy On Parade


I seldom post just “link” here . . . . I believe you are kind enough to stop by, I should have more that just a “go here, it’s cool” post up.  Still, this is simply too much to pass up.

As most in the gunny world know the Westchester Journal News outted folks with gun permits last month, raising quite a stink.  Still, what a “bold” thing to do, take the flack for the good of the people.  Of course, most now have armed guards around their homes and offices because – well you know – threats!!!

James O’Keef though he would test their commitment to the cause . . . .

Rules, regulation, laws . . . . privacy . . . . just for the little people.

H/T – Say Uncle


  1. Interesting... Obviously the other side doesn't want to 'play'...

  2. And the real question, if you put one of those up, would that be considered hunting over bait???

  3. NFO - nope, not interested. And . . . "hunting over bait??" . . . I would have to say "Yes" to that one, why make it hard on criminals - soft targets are MUCH safer!! :)