Monday, January 14, 2013

Commentary - They are called Law Enforcement Officers . . . . NOT Crime Prevention Officers


Well, as I sit at this keyboard, it’s January 14, 2013. The eve of VP Biden’s release of his “recommendations” to make us “safer” by criminalizing firearms he, the President and many on the Left want to take away. I’m also seeing reports that President Obama will be issuing 19 Executive Orders regarding firearm regulations that he feels he doesn’t need to run past Congress. Orders he believes will have the force of law – all without bothering with silly things like the House of Representatives or the Senate. Tsk, tsk . . . . that’s for the little people, not for the ruler of the United Socialist Republic of America. Heavy Sigh . . . .

Let’s take a particular look at the belief that only the police and the military are trained enough to be able to possess such arms – and that with these weapons removed from the general populace, we will all reap the benefits of this disarmament, That we will be blessed with a safer, more peaceful society.

I must ask a basic question – if we are safer with a disarmed public, why not protect us against rogue cops and military personnel by disarming them as well?? Wouldn’t the average officer feel much better with just his body armor and a baton as he/she responds to a robbery or a domestic disturbance call or a shots fired call (of course those would quickly fade away, sorry – forgot that )? I know, I know . . . . I can hear it now – officers respond to these calls, charge into the face of danger, face armed criminals – obviously they NEED these weapons to protect themselves . . . . we can’t disarm them, now can we.

And I fully agree. We expect officers to willingly go into harm’s way – just as we expect military personnel to. Thus a clarifying point . . . . the weapons they carry are to protect THEMSELVES . . . . themselves. NOT YOU!! And I DO NOT begrudge them this . . . . they NEED weapons to protect themselves from the most violent in our society – those that kill without warning, without reason, without conscience. Like . . . . . Sandy Hook.

Did you notice it took the police 20 minutes for the police to respond . . . . 20 minutes. What do you think they were doing, grabbing a quick cappuccino??? No, they were tacking up – armor, helmets, boots, ammunition, communications . . . . they were preparing to go to war with equipment that would protect themselves. So they could survive, so they could return to their families at the end of the day.

The children?????? Not so much. Evil roamed freely with his weapons of choice to slaughter our innocents. He had already broken so many laws . . . . killed his mother, stole her weapons, stole her car, carried said weapons into a gun-free zone, broke into the school, killed the principal and counselor, shot the bravest 2nd grade teacher I have ever heard about, and calmly shot and killed 20 individual children . . . . completely unopposed.

So what exactly IS the purpose of our police force?? A simple Google search of December 2012 will answer that question . . . . in a unique fashion. Here is the search:

police respond shooting december 2012

Go ahead, copy that into the Google Search box and spend a few minutes going through the results . . . I’ll wait.

Maybe another one:

police respond robbery December 2012

There are others:

police respond domestic abuse December 2012

police respond carjacking December 2012

police respond rape December 2012

Spend some time, copy and paste these search terms in Google . . . . read some of the stories.

I have the utmost respect for police officers. And, those of Sandy Hook responded in 20 minutes . . . . amazingly fast – for any police department. And still, 26 innocent people died . . . . as they RESPONDED. They DID NOT PREVENT the crime . . . . they RESPONDED to the commission of the crime.

As they did with the other examples of shootings, robberies, domestic abuse, car jacking’s, rapes . . . . they RESPONDED.

What effect will these bans, limitations, registrations have on making YOU safer??? None actually. The evil that walked the halls of Sandy Hook, or stalked and slaughtered in Aurora, or attempted to kill Gabby Giffords, or walked the campus of Virginia Tech, or charged through the rooms of Columbine . . . . would have found alternative options . . . . bombs, cars, fire . . . . the are options limited only by the imagination of those wishing to do evil.

Our police departments - as dedicated, well trained, focused and well-armed as they are – can still ONLY RESPOND!

For they are LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS – and can only respond AFTER a law has been BROKEN!

The can do little – if anything – BEFORE a crime is committed – be it a kid swiping a Snickers or evil slaughtering children. They are NOT Crime PREVENTION Officers. So . . . . here’s the rub . . . .

Until the police arrive . . . . .

. . . . you are ON YOUR OWN!!!!!

You might want to keep that in mind . . . .


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  2. Yep, they are NOT there to protect you, just to pick up the pieces...

  3. Ms. A - amazing how many folks do not understand this . . .

    Yep, and as old as my pieces are gettin', I intend to protect them!! :)