Sunday, May 12, 2013

Training - Indoor SIRT Pistol Range


An update on training with NLT’s SIRT Pistol.

The biggest thing the SIRT pistol brings to the table is the ability for the trigger to reset giving you the opportunity for multi-round engagements. I found the next step was to “upgrade” my indoor range in my office. You see the results below.

20140304_122752 (Medium)

Range targets – be they an in-home practice range, or an actual full sized target used on a live fire range – should serve a purpose. Bull’s Eye style targets are fine, but defensive shooting involves so much more that holes on paper.

My indoor range began with three rows of resized IDPA targets. The bottom is 1:3, the middle is 1:6 and the top is 1:4. So, if I stand 7 foot away the bottom is 21ft., the middle is 42ft., and the top is 28ft.

The introduction of the SIRT pistol to my training brought to mind the expansion of this range to include human-threat targets, some hostage targets and some numbered shapes for “cognition drills”.

The human-threat targets were simply found by doing a Google search and then printing them to fit and 8.5” x 11” piece of paper. As you can see, their size matches fairly well with the 1:3 reduced IDPA target.

So I now have a range that I can use throughout the day for simple “draw and engage” drills or for “cognition drills” where I use an MP3 recorded drill – complete with timer tone – to push my skill set.

The SIRT Pistol training pushes the boundaries of “dry fire” training. Since the Glock 17 is one of my carry weapons, the “touch and feel” of the draw from concealment is virtually identical. Drills that expand to speed reloads and tactical reloads also feel like the real thing. I can easily mix focal-point-shooting drills with precision head shots. And the cost of a trigger press runs in the 1/1000th of a penny range rather than the $.60 range. I find this all to be a “win” situation.

The other great thing is that I find I probably do 10 to 20 drills throughout the day rather than just 2-3 times a month on the live fire range. Much more trigger time. And, this SIRT Pistol trigger time comes with a self-diagnostic every time I press the trigger . . . . am I getting a single dot or is the barrel moving as I press and am I getting a dash instead.

All good stuff! So, a couple weeks into beginning the real work with my new SIRT Pistols, I like them! You may want to consider adding one to your tool kit, especially if the price of ammunition remains high and the availability remains low, low, low!!!




  1. Good point, and I'm looking hard at them! Hadn't thought about using the targets off the net, but that makes sense!

  2. Jim - I like'em! I've taken to put one pistol on my desk, that way anytime I get up and walk away is pick up the pistol and engage different targets before I sit back down. That give me quite a few more trigger presses each day. We'll have to see if that transfers to the range and IDPA. Regardless, they're fun!

  3. Gotta pay off some of the travel costs, then I'm going to get one. Thanks!

  4. Late to the show but I've taken indoor photos of my house, placed them in a PowerPoint present then inserted threats onto each slide. Finally I use an LCD projector to run it at actual size.

  5. K - Good idea! I thing anything that can mix things up will make a person a better defensive shooter. I've been playing with the same idea but with video and with "threats" and "non threats" popping up then just playing it on the TV. Still a few "kinks" in the process . . . :)

    Thanks for stopping by!