Sunday, May 5, 2013

Prepping – Something New . . . .


For the past year and a half my blog has been focused on the “new and inexperienced shooter”.  And, I have every intention of continuing that process – there’s lots to talk about – still.

But . . . I also have an interest in “Prepping”.  Honestly, I see “prepping” as an extension of the process I go through for a trek or a paddle.  There are many similarities, but the primary difference is duration.  A trek or paddle typically runs 7-10 days.  Yet, it has all the elements a “pepper” needs.  Prepping typically covers a longer term event.  Still there are common elements to both processes.

Many of the students I have taught over the past couple years see firearms training as part of a defensive tool set – one of the elements of a pepper's foundation.  There is a general sense of “unease” that things are not going well and may well go off the rails.  They want the ability to defend themselves should the need arise.  They want to learn to shoot.

So, I’m going to attempt to mix the two – “Just the Basics” of firearms training and “Basic Prepping”.  Both the post title and a new category for the posts to the right will be used to catalogue the new posts.

Any thoughts on the posts will be welcome!  Just jump in!!

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