Thursday, December 13, 2012

Range Trip - 12/13/2012


Damn, it’s getting dark quick.  Sun down today was around 4:30PM  REALLY?????  Ah well, 8 days and we are charging into Spring/Summer once again!!  (how’s that for optimism??)

Couple reasons for the range trip today – Zeroing the EOTech 517 on the Panther Arms Oracle and Zeroing in some additions to my Colt .22LR Tactical Carbine.

I picked up my Colt last year and have had great fun with it.  However, I wanted to migrate it from iron sights only to something more closely resembling the Oracle.  Here is what my efforts look like!

I installed a flip-up rear sight and the Truglo Red-Dot I reviewed earlier.  You’ll also notice I’ve installed a single-point sling as well.  As with the EOTech 517 on the Oracle, when you flip up the rear sight, you can see through the Red-Dot so that if the batteries fail, you have easy access to your backup sights.  I’m working on a post regarding the use of .22 Tactical Weapons as a trainer in place of an AR, so I’ll leave the comparisons go until then.

The .22’s iron sights “came in” nicely and both red-dots dropped right in as well.  So, as winter continues to come our way, I should get some good range time in with these two rifles. 

Of course, I had to take some time to do some drills with my .22/45 – probably my favorite range gun.  All draws were from concealment and worked at 10 yards and 50 ft.  Nothing particularly special to report there.  Then I moved back to 75ft and worked on the lower body box of the SWAT target.  Hit rate was 85%.  Then I moved on to the small square numbered boxes, about 25% the size of the lower box.  Hit rate dropped to 60%.  Heavy Sigh.  Obviously have some work to do.

A fine way to spend an hour or so on a beautiful 50-degree day in Iowa!


  1. Interesting, as I've NOT heard good things about the Colt .22... And this time of the year is a 'good' time to practice low-light shooting.

    1. Perhaps I have been lucky with the Colt, but I've had good luck with it. It is pickey on the type of ammo - I only use CCI .22 Tactical and have good luck with it. And it does like to be clean as well. You are certainly right about low-light shooting - geezz it get's dark quick. Ah well - 7 days and it all begins to change!! I can make it . . . . I can make it . . . .