Saturday, December 15, 2012

Commentary – Renewing Our Spirit – 30 Days Of Reflection


January 15th – February 15th 2012


It seems my mind will not let Sandyhook go today. We learned names today, ages, that there were boys and girls and women who were called to be teachers of our children. We learned that heroes don’t always where plates, helmets and carry M4s – sometimes they are young, beautiful and willingly sacrifice themselves for those they teach and love. How do we, as a nation, respond to this?

Those looking to make our individual security yet another “entitlement” have not even let the families collect their dead, grieve and commend their bodies to the soil. They have taken to their soap boxes, declared that the solution is the elimination of “assault weapons”, “automatic weapons”, “large capacity magazines”, “heavy caliber weapons” . . . . the list of “dangerous weapons” and “quick solutions” are endless.

And still I cannot let Sandyhook go today . . . .

So I have a proposal. I suppose, being an “old fart”, these learned politicians will smirk, smile and “tut-tut” my offering . . . . and still I cannot let Sandyhook go today . . . . so I offer my simple start . . . .

I wish to “Renew Our Spirit” – and by spirit I mean our national soul. That part of us that knows right from wrong, that sees divine providence in our creation as a nation, that remembers what the flag stands for and what it has cost us through the generations.

I suggest we do this through “30 Days of Reflection”. While our children spend 13 years in the primary school system and 4-8 more in search of advanced degrees – I want our nation to set aside 15 minutes per day, for 30 days to reflect on two specific items and to do it in a specific way.

I want our school aged children to begin their school day with the Lord’s Prayer. When asked by His disciples how they should talk to God, Jesus offered a simple prayer – saying we should begin with the words “Our Father” . . . . Think of the power our children would gain coming to know God as their Father. Yes, yes, yes . . . . I know – First Amendment – and yet – I am not suggesting that we generate a law “respecting the establishment of a religion”. I am suggesting that we remind (teach) our children that our founders recognized a higher power and that they believed they were answerable to that power. It teaches faith, forgiveness, the dangers of being tempted, that evil exists. It also teaches the existence of a divine being who is viewed by the majority of American people to be our creator and their Father.

This would be followed by “The Pledge of Allegiance To The Flag”. It will offer our children a time to remember the flag’s purpose and what it represents. From the number of states in the Union to the blood spent to establish and preserve it. It would remind our students that a Union at war with itself, a culture at war with itself, a country torn apart by the politics of party, of race and of class is a country in decline and destined for the dustbin of history.

30 days – out of their first 13+ years of education to renew their spirit and that of our nation.

Why January 15th?? It will allow families to bury their dead and mourn their lose. It will allow the celebration of Christmas and New Years and wait until our kids return to class – refocused for the remainder of the year. It will allow us as parents, grandparents and citizens to prepare to share our thoughts and hearts with our children regarding our current path as a nation and what it will take to change direction. And, it will allow 30 days of focused attention at some of the core reasons for our decent into this particular hell.

As you read this modest proposal – notice the objections that come to mind . . . . that is a hint as to how badly we have lost our way as a people and a nation.

We must correct our course . . . .

We must gather ourselves and our children together . . . .

We must “Renew Our Spirit” as a nation . . . .

Or we will be forever lost in the violence of Sandyhook . . . .

Your thoughts????


  1. It's a great idea, but it will never fly... Because they'll scream separation of church and 'state'... dammit

    1. Agreed - wonder what it will take for the likes of Feinstein to realize it is the failings of our nation's heart that is the problem, not that I possess a weapon. Going to be an extremely painful time ahead . . . .