Thursday, December 20, 2012

Into the eye of the storm . . . .


Heavy sigh . . . . “Duke:????  Really???? What kinda name is that for a kick-butt winter storm??????  Frickin’ “Duke”??

UPDATE:  The daughter unit informs me the storm is named “DRACO” not Duke.  Ah . . . . that’s so frickin’ much better . . . . . . .

Last month on my way to a new customer in PA I drove into the teeth of “Sandy”.  Holy crap!!  50-60mph winds, driving rain – interesting.

So, they had their the one-month follow-up visit this week. I headed home mid morning – made it to western Ohio.  At home??  Over a foot of snow, trees that were first covered in ice that seem to be loosing limbs and taking out power, 50+ mph wind, closed roads . . . . yep, interesting.

So, early tomorrow I’ll take a shot at making it past Chicago and on to home. 

So, when you take a trip like this, what should you take?  For me I took a fully loaded “boogie bag” (small 2-man tent and an extra sleeping bag for my shelter with the rest of the list less com gear) and my every day “car survival kit”.  They’ll stay in the Jeep through the rest of the winter.  Be careful out there, keep your head in the game, pack your boogie bag and throw it in the car. 

Then, get your job done, it’s just “winter” giving you a bit of a “love tap”!

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