Friday, December 7, 2012

Commentary - Pearl Harbor 71 years on . . . .


It’s tempting to take nation-changing events like Pearl Harbor and try to find some relevance to today and our nation’s current course.

While similarities can be found in the willing blindness of our nation all those years ago . . . . I believe it does the WWII vets, their families and those that served on the home front a great disservice. 

It was their war . . . . their victory . . . . their blood, sweat and ocean of tears that insured our nation survived.

It is that which I wish to honor . . . . thank you for stepping up, accepting the challenge and having the strength to win a long, vicious and costly war.  I have no possible way to repay you for your sacrifice.  But I am profoundly grateful and thankful for your service to our nation.  I promise to do my best, each and every day, to be worthy of your amazing victory.

Again, Thank You!

For those who would like to step through a time portal into the days immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor – please take the time to read this article – and you will be there.