Friday, December 28, 2012

Commentary – Drawing “A Line In The Sand”


The “gunnie” blogs are alight today regarding Senator Diane Feinstein’s pledge to introduce a new gun control bill on January 3rd – the first day of the new Congress. You can see the details she has chosen to release here. At first glance, the Senator appears to be intent on eliminating any weapon in the AR/AK format as well as virtually all semi-automatic pistols that have removable magazines. This is a stunning over-reach of Congressional power. I find it even especially vile because it trades on the death and tragedy in Sand Hook and the lives and blood of innocent children and their teachers.

Bottom line, I suspect the chance of passage through both the Senate and the House is slim to none. And . . . . yet . . . . we have all seen acts by this current Congress, this current President that have (and continue to) rock our nation’s very foundation.

This cannot continue without limit.

With this latest assault on our Constitution – the direct attack on the Second Amendment and the right of each and every American to defend themselves, their family and their friends . . . . I wonder. Have we reached that “Line In The Sand” moment where Americans need to plant their feet and simply say – “No!”

Drawing “A Line In The Sand” – the phrase is bantered about frequently. But, just what does it truly mean? What are its origins and if a line is to be drawn – what are the limits/parameters of this line? My research turned up a number of possible origins – here is my favorite:

One possible origin dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. It seems that one of the Macedonian kings, a bit short of cash, decided to invade Egypt, then a Roman protectorate. His army was met at the border by a lone Roman senator named Popillius Laenas, who ordered the king to withdraw. The king began to stall for time, so Popillius Laenas drew a circle in the sand around the king and demanded that the king agree to withdraw his army before he stepped out of the circle. The king, apparently impressed by the senator's nerve (or, more likely, by the Roman Empire in general), withdrew. Incidentally, not only is this account verified by contemporary historians, but it also may be the only known instance of a line drawn in the sand actually stopping someone.

In the context of the current state of affairs in our government – especially regarding the renewed attacks on the 2nd Amendment and the looming tragedy that is our national debt (currently in excess of $16 TRILLION) I believe it is time for individual Americans to draw their personal “Lines in the Sand” and decide on their actions accordingly.

Regarding Senator Feinstein’s legislation that will be introduced on January 3rd, 2013 there is a simple answer: “No!” I will not sell my weapons back, I will continue to purchase high capacity magazines for both my rifles and handguns, I will continue to carry concealed each and every day regardless of the rants and anti-constitutional legislation passed by our current host of legislators. Nor will I hide my weapons or my point of view. If I am to be criminalized – let’s make it a public affair and allow the rest of the country witness the birth of the next level of our slow march to a police state.

There is one other act that plays into this pending drama (I say pending because there is a snowball’s chance in hell of passing her legislation) is an oath that I took 5 times in my life:

“I, William Keller, having been appointed a Captain (yep, went from and E5 to O3 in 30 minutes) in the United States Air Force, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the office upon which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

I have never met an Officer that did not view their Oath as a life-long oath of service to their country. For me, it is an inflexible part of my being – both the defense of our country from enemies that seek to do us harm and to the Constitution – the foundation, the bedrock of our republic.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Seems a stunningly clear “Line in the Sand”. I pray the collective sense of our nation will hold our legislators to account. If not, the only option available is civil disobedience. As another Captain put it so clearly – “I am to misbehave”.

The second “Line in the Sand” is presented by our $16 Trillion in national debt. It is unsustainable and we are faced with a government that sees higher taxes and the punishment of the capitalist as the solution to all national ills. I have watched for decades – looking for a glimmer of hope that someone would provide a solution. A foolish waste of time. Spending is the cancer that is destroying the future for our children and grandchildren. And, while the government struggles for solution, the capitalist is providing it . . . . . we are simply withholding our capital – starving the cancer that threatens to destroy our nation.

It’s simple really – companies are simply not hiring, not expanding, not replacing equipment, not increasing salaries . . . . . and, as a result, government income has begun to dip when viewed in either constant dollars or as a percentage of GDP. With the on-going policies of the Obama Administration, at the end of his second 4-year term, our national debt may well exceed $22TRILLION. This will drive more dollars away from the government accelerating the debt and reducing options. The end game?? Painful choices, actions chosen by fear rather than reason and a citizenry that will have to fend for themselves until this is sorted out and those currently in power are replaced by people who can remember that they are in service to US, not we to them.

Two lines . . . . each crucial in their own way.

I urge you to consider your choices, plan accordingly and look to your family’s wellbeing . . .

. . . . there’s a storm comin’.


  1. A succinct post and one that gives me pause. Line in the sand indeed. How did I go from wearing a "NRA Firearms Instructor" logo shirt one week and hearing that NRA members are targets the next.

    A storm is indeed coming.

    1. Interesting though that the public is NOT picking up the anti's line against the NRA. I see this as a good sign!

  2. Very good post. I like yourself, live by the oath of enlistment. The line is drawn!!

    1. Yes Sir - I view my oath as life long - a shame our congress critters seem unable to honor their for a single term.

  3. Well said, and I too believe in that oath. A storm is right, and it is a storm the pols are NOT ready for...

    1. They have grown comfortable in the role of "rulers" rather than the role of governance. If the curve is not bent, the lessons will be truly painful.

  4. Agreed with all of the above. I've sent emails out to my Senators/Representatives. Only got one "thank you for your note" generic bounceback (well, it *is* the holidays), but its a start.

    1. I think the congress critters view us all as the chattering masses. They have grown drunk on power and will yeild it only after great pain. Going to be a long presidential term . . . .

  5. What our mathematically illerate politicians do not understand is that there is a limit to how much an absoulte monopoly can charge for services (without losing absolute revenue.)

    We are about at that point and what they don't understand that we're not going to be needing their "services" for much longer at the rate they are going.

    Our Bill of Rights is the best thought out document in human history and we have no choice as a free people but to protect it.

    Let us please hope the calmer heads will prevail! A state where only the military and police can own weapons is a police state by definition.

    My "spidy sense" has been tingling for about 2 years now and I hope I am dead wrong about the immediate future.

    Have a happy new year, Bill and all who follow your instructive and insightful posts. Lets hope we can laugh a little about this when we take more training from you in the future. God bless..

  6. Great post, and I've clicked that little blue button. I'll be adding you to my blog list too. Thanks.