Thursday, July 26, 2012

This was our insanity today - 20,000 + bike riders

Ragbrai is the definition of insanity in Iowa the end of July.  A single bike ride from the Missouri to the Mississippi through various little towns.  Today they came through our community . . . . around 20,000 of them!!  Here's a link to our local on-line newspaper.  They have about 25 photos up.  It was an interesting day.


  1. Come on Ragbrai is the best. It's on my husband's bucket lost.

  2. It's a pretty darn big thing here - and they attract folks from around the world. I think the actual body count was around 28,000 or so, pretty amazing. They overnighted in Vinton around about 30 years ago, this is the first they have passed through since.

    But, by 5, everyone was gone. Today we are back to as normal as we ever get! :)

  3. Oh, yeah I know. Both the hubs and I are from Iowa. It is a big deal for sure. Last year one of our friends, a Marine pilot, was the lead guy for the wounded warriors when they did Ragbrai. Thay had a great time.