Thursday, October 25, 2012

Training – A Little “Indoor Range” Practice


I suppose you could consider this a fairly unnecessary post.  But for me it serves two purposes – first, it’s a good excuse to try out my new Contour ROAM camera – and do it inside, it’s colder than crap outside right now.  (yeah, yeah, I know – I keep harping on training regardless of weather, but come on – 70 degrees to 40 degrees in 5 hours??  I’m not ready for that yet!!)

And, secondly – dry fire on a range, conducted with purpose can be very beneficial.  So, here we are.  The video displays my “indoor range” at the far end of my office.  I use reduced size IDPA targets (H/T to  The Balloon Goes Up), my carry weapon and holster and a 9mm LaserLyte cartridge.  The video explains the rest.

Enjoy! (or not . . . really up to you.  Smile )

Indoor Dry Fire–Glock 17, 9mm LaserLyte Cartridge, reduced size IDPA Targets


  1. Interesting how much head movement you get on every draw- must be the shoulder 'pushing' the head over!

    1. Yeah, I noticed that in everyone else . . . . now I can watch myself too. :) I noticed the image steady-states once the weapon is out so I suspect it's the clearing of the holster and the draw that moves my head. I'm going to work on camera setups in the office so I won't have to fumble when I get to the range. Perhaps I'll get a better idea of what's going on.

      Of course there's always the - "holy crap, did you see that guy's draw?!?!?!? What a hoot!!!" - aspect to this . . . . heavy sigh!