Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just the Basics – Range Brief


When you join a shooting range, one of the standard procedures is to attend a “Range Brief”.  These cover the standard operating procedures of the range, basic safety rules and what the expectations are of the members.

Every range is a little different.  While the basics are the same, all ranges have little quirks that need to be addressed by the ranges RSO – Range Safety Officer.  Honestly, this whole process, while necessary – can be a bit difficult to pull off with the schedules everyone tries to keep. 

The solution that our range came up was to make a comprehensive Range Brief video followed by a short quiz that will be kept as a record of the shooter’s participation.  While not a perfect solution, it meets the requirement our board as well our insurance company.  I thought new shooters – considering going to a new range – might find some value in watching a typical Range Safety Brief.

Enjoy!  As always – your comments are more than welcome.

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