Friday, September 21, 2012

Training – BLAMM! BLAMM! BLAMM! . . . . SCAN . . . . pppppaaaaauuuuuussssseeeeeeee . . . . reholster


My last post was to encourage you to slow down during your range trip, particularly on the front end – the planning end. And, on the range as you were gearing up – review your plan, work it, do the drills full speed, review the drill’s results . . . . This lets you keep your “head in the game” and really allows you to wring the most out of your range plan.

There is one other particular moment I really want you to pay attention to as well. It comes between “SCAN” . . . . and “reholster”. If you watch my recent videos on Focal Point Shooting, you will see this moment – this “pppppaaaaauuuuuussssseeeee” just prior to reholstering.

This “pause” is an extension of the follow-through. It is a moment in time, after your shot, after you have completed a scan to insure you are safe, when you can take a mental snapshot of how your shots “felt” and how the position of your body “feels”; how’s your grip, how’s your extension, what’s your stance feel like – how everything looks and feels. A mental instant in time for assessment.

Why do this? Simple really – if it feels like crap I suspect your results will mirror your feelings. Is your position contorted, your extension way out of whack, are your feet at funny angles, is your grip loose . . . . .? Notice. Make mental notes on what corrections you need to make. Put those in your range notebook as something to work on.

On the other hand, maybe your drill felt like glass. Your target engagement was right where you wanted it. Feet, extension, grip – couldn’t be better. The drill “felt” great. Notice how this feels, make mental notes, ad them to your range notebook to remind yourself that many of your range trips truly go very well.

Don’t rush to reholster, don’t hurry to reload and repeat. Savor, experience, feel . . . . let your body learn what success “feels” like so it can work towards your range goals that much quicker.

Range time isn’t all about speed . . . . sometimes it’s about the . . . . .

Pppppppaaaaaauuuuuuuusssssssseeeeeeeeeee . . . . . . .


  1. Great point, and too many of us 'rush' to get to the next mag, the next target, etc...

  2. This is something I need to continually remind myself about. I can get so amped up by different drills I forget to "feel" how it went, to really remember - "ah, this feels just right". You'd think I'd know better by now. Heavy sigh . . . .