Saturday, September 29, 2012

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As a gun owner and an individual who chooses to carry for personal protection you have a lot of responsibilities.

You are responsible:

  • To be trained
  • For your own personal protection
  • For the protection of your family and friends in your charge
  • For demanding that your shooting buddies be safe, responsible and knowledgeable
  • For . . . . .

There are many other items that we can all add if we put our minds to it. However, I want to focus on something I believe every shooter should do . . . . share . . . .

Last month I was approached by our local scout troop to talk about firearm safety. This quickly morphed into a month-long series covering everything you ever wanted to know about firearm safety, range safety, rifles and first aid on the shooting range. It was a pretty cool month really with the scouts in the troop doing a good job of paying attention during my weekly ½ hour presentation. Their reward? An afternoon on the range shooting rifles. Today actually.

So, from 1-4PM today the scouts, a couple leaders and three RSOs from the Ikes headed to the range for some basic marksmanship, a little steel shooting and some 50 yard target shooting. What a great afternoon. Let’s go to the photos, shall we??

IMAG0525 (Small) IMAG0526 (Small)IMAG0527 (Small) IMAG0529 (Small) IMAG0530 (Small)     IMAG0532 (Small) IMAG0528 (Small)IMAG0533 (Small) IMAG0534 (Small)IMAG0535 (Small) IMAG0538 (Small)IMAG0536 (Small) IMAG0541 (Small) IMAG0543 (Small)IMAG0537 (Small)IMAG0539 (Small)       IMAG0544 (Small)IMAG0542 (Small)IMAG0545 (Small)IMAG0540 (Small) IMAG0547 (Small)IMAG0546 (Small) IMAG0548 (Small)IMAG0549 (Small) IMAG0550 (Small)IMAG0551 (Small) IMAG0552 (Small)IMAG0553 (Small) IMAG0554 (Small)

My point in all this? What good is it if you keep your passion for shooting and personal defense to yourself? Introduce your kids, family and friends to the sporting side of the house. Bring your friends into the personal defensive shooting world. Grow the sport, help teach them to defend themselves, their families and their friends.

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  1. Oh my gosh yes! Ideally, for my own protection, I would never speak of guns, but my passion to help people not only enjoy the sport of shooting, but also to take responsibility for their own safety prevents me from being silent.

  2. Awesome! Wish my Boy Scout district was this organized regarding firearms when I was a kid.

  3. AGirl - yep, I believe it's all shooter's responsibility to educate their friends and de-mystify gun in general, glad you're out there.

    Rabid - We hav a very active Troop with rifles and shotguns being one of the big draws at scout camp each summer. Little projects like this helps take some heat off the camp staff. They had a great time!