Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Training I shall go . . . . one more time . . .


To be honest, I’m pushing the training envelope just a bit this year . . . .  Mrs. Bill gave me one of “those” looks that she has honed oh so well over the past 46 years of our relationship.  Heavy sigh . . .  Yet, she followed it with a smile and reminded me to make sure I had my “shooter pants” along – she’s such a little shit!

Anyway, mid morning tomorrow I am off to Kansas City, KS for a three day NRA Training Counselor workshop.  The purpose is to train the trainers that train the trainers . . . . does that make sense??

Things to bring – 2ea 3” 3-ring binders, black pens, highlighters and three personal reference letters in sealed envelopes.  Sounds like all classroom, no range time – not sure really, they said nothing about bringing a firearm but I’ll have my carry weapon with me so I can always pick up some ammo.  The course will be handled at the Cabela’s on the west side of town near the racetrack.

The course is pricy at $500 for the 3-days.  Of course that doesn’t include room,food,travel . . . . yep, the old training checkbook is gonna take a hit on this one.

The days are scheduled to begin at 9 and end at 5 – looks like full days.  So, provided I’m not completely trashed out at the end of each day I will offer some updates, maybe a photo or two and take you all along on this adventure with me.

A training I shall go . . . .


  1. I would say 'enjoy' the experience, but that much BIS time just hurts... (Butt In Seat)

  2. Enjoy! Looking forward to hearing about it.

  3. Old NFO - All too true, not to mention the 6 hour drive today. Yet - I'll just have to "suffer" through it. I have assured Mrs. B it's gonna be all work . . . . picture eye roll here accompanied by wifely smirk . . .

    AGirl - will let ya know. Kinda looking for an EMT update post from you - how's it goin', what ya workin' on???

  4. Have a safe trip and tell us all about it when ya get back!