Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review – Surefire 6P LED Defender Flashlight


When considering a flashlight for your E.D.C. package, it should fill a number of squares. It should be:

  • Be able to be used as a defensive weapon
  • Built like a tank
  • Reliable
  • Can be gripped firmly

I’ve been a flashlight geek for as many years as I can remember. From “pen lights” of the 60s with small incandescent bulbs and AA batteries to various Mag-Lights.  I’ve been a proponent and user of an E.D.C. flashlight for virtually my entire life. The advent of the “headlamp” was a true game changer when it came to a useful light around a campsite.  Still, walking around with a Petzl headlamp on my forehead pushed the geek image just a bit too much.

An  E.D.C. “kit” for defensive purposes added a different slant to my traditional thoughts for a flashlight. It changed from just providing a light source to providing a light source bright enough to fully illuminate an area and, in a pinch a tool that could act as a secondary defensive weapon. To that end, I wanted it to fulfill a number of criteria:

Be able to be used as a defensive weapon: It needed to have some ability to inflict damage to a threat that is within an arm’s reach. Something that could be painful enough to change an attacker’s mind about their current path.

Built like a tank: I am very hard on equipment. Not abusive, but a tool is to be used, carried during all types of weather and in all types of environments – wet, dry, hot, cold. I wanted something that isn’t going to fall apart in my hands after a year or two of use.

Reliable: You push the button – it lights. EACH AND EVERY FRICKIN’ TIME. PERIOD!!!

BRIGHT: A light that will illuminate a hallway, garage, back yard, driveway, bedroom, living room – a light that would give me the ability to clearly see what was in the area. And, bright enough that when flashed in the eyes of an attacker that they are temporarily blinded. Bright enough that they cannot “blink it away”.

Can be gripped firmly: I’ve used “pen lights” before – small, slender . . . . cute. I didn’t want “cute”. Wanted something that could be grasped, held, wielded – that fit my hand well both with and without gloves.

And, I have found such a flashlight . . . .

Presenting the Surefire 6P LED Defender:


This is an image of my actual flashlight. As you can see, the edges are rubbed “raw” from riding in my support-side pocket. It’s become a good friend over the past year+, one that I intend on having around for many more to come.

From the Manufacturer – here are the specifications:

  • 4.8 ounces
  • 200 Lumens output for 2-hours
  • Virtually indestructible, electronically regulated light emitting diode (LED) has no filament to burn out or break; lasts for thousands of hours
  • Crenellated Strike Bezel® provides enhanced self-defense capability
  • Precision reflector creates smooth beam with no spots or rings
  • Rugged aerospace-grade aluminum body with Type III anodizing
  • Tailcap switch: press for momentary-on, click for constant-on

Compact (pocket sized), high-intensity LED flashlight for tactical, outdoor, self-defense, and general use. Its virtually unbreakable light emitting diode (there's no filament to burn out or break) generates a smooth, brilliant beam —bright enough to temporarily blind an aggressor. And if 200 lumens of blinding light is not enough to make your point with an aggressor, then the 6PX Defender features a crenellated Strike Bezel® as another line of defense. A strong yet lightweight, anodized aluminum body resists crushing, bending, and the elements, and O-ring seals keep dust, dirt, and moisture out. Its compact size, high output, extended runtime, and its Strike Bezel make the 6PX Defender a great choice for personal protection, but it's also perfect for tactical applications, the great outdoors, and ideal as an everyday carry light.

If you’re looking for a light to bet your life on – the Surefire 6P LED Defender is a very, very good place to start.