Sunday, September 16, 2012

Training – Basic Pistol Course


One of the purposes of this blog is to provide the folks I teach with a ready resource of what topics that I believe are important for new shooters to know. Actually, over the past 9 months I have pretty well posted my Basic Pistol Course on the blog. Given that I have a new course starting in about three weeks, I thought I’d make it easy for my new shooters to get a head start by putting all the posts that cover the Basic Pistol Course in a single post. If these new folks take the time to read through the course material, they will have a real head start before the course begins.

Of course, anyone’s welcome to share the Basic Pistol Course – if you’re an instructor, a new shooter or just want a quick review of the basics – please, enjoy.

Lesson One – Safety and The Range

Weapons and their safe handling can be intimidating to the new shooter. Add to that confusion on selecting a shooting range and what exactly you should even take to a range – the initial “start-up” can easily feel overwhelming.

I’ve broken down this startup process in a number of different posts that should make the transition from being a “new shooter” to a “shooter” just a bit easier.

Lesson Two – Do I Even Need Training, and Just Who Should I Go Too??
Honestly, it does surprise me when a person decides to get a concealed carry permit, buys a weapon and then simply sees no reason for additional training. I’ve had some thoughts about that.
Lesson Three – What Makes It Go BLAMMMM!!!
It’s a rather complex process that makes a weapon go BLAMMMM when you hold it in your hand and press the trigger rearward. Let’s spend a bit of time going over the basics.
Lesson Four – What The Heck Kind Of Handgun Is This???
Revolver, Semi-Automatic, Single Action, Double Action, Safe Action . . . . . What????? Let’s see if we can clear this up a bit.
Lesson Five – Grip, Sights, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture
How the heck do I hold my weapon and hit what I want?? Is it that complicated? How can I get a small group when someone is trying to shoot me?? It can all be overwhelming when a new shooter picks up their weapon for the first time and tries to hit a paper target. I have some thoughts on all of that.
Lesson Six – Holsters, Draws, What Guns Should I Have In My Gun Bag, How Do I Press The Trigger
You need something to carry your weapon in, you need to know how to draw it quickly. I do have recommendations on a basic suite of weapons that will help you with your training. Let chat a bit.
Lesson Seven – A Productive Range Trip and Some Advanced Techniques
When you pack up to go to the range, why are you going? Do you have a plan to get the most out of your range time? How can you trim some time off what it takes to get the first combat effective hit on your threat?
And there you have it. A complete Basic Pistol Class. It’s a place to start and grow from. Enjoy!

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