Sunday, August 26, 2012

Training–Defensive Pistol I & II


Congrats to June, Randy, Bob, Mike and Rick for completing our first Defensive Pistol II course.  I conducted both DP I and DP II back to back with DP I on Saturday and DP II today.  It was a great two days.  DP I is really a basic Concealed Carry course.  It covers everything from mindset to a draw from a holster with speed and tactical reloads.  All our range drills are first conducted with dry-fire exercises to make sure everyone is familiar with the drills, what is expected of them and to work out and fine tune their grip, draw and reloads.

The afternoon is range work going through all the topics and drills covered during dry fire.  It is a very, very busy day.

DP II begins with a first aid refresher, covering the ABCs, primary arteries of the body, use of pressure points and direct pressure to to slow bleeding.  We then move to the components of a my Blow Out Kit (BOK), their individual uses and then move to each person applying an Israeli combat dressing and the SOFTT-W Tourniquet.  While not a “shooting component”, I have come to believe that the possession of a BOK and knowledge of it use is simply a must.

We then moved, once again, to dry fire exercises.  DP II is about surviving the first 3 seconds of a gunfight.  Knowing that 80% of the gunfights obey the “Rule of 3” – 3-rounds, 3-meters, 3-seconds, it’s imperative that a shooter draws, moves and makes the first hit if they hope to return to their family on two feet rather than a Ziploc.

Over the course of the day, using dry fire and live fire, we taught them the value of the different ways a shooter can “aim” their weapon;  down the top of the slide, along the side of the slide, metal on meat and just plain “point focused” shooting.  By the end of the day virtually all of the shooters could get multiple combat effective hits from 15 feet, well under three seconds from the draw while moving away from the threat.  Not bad . . . . not bad it all.  It was really nice to see their genuine surprise at their new-found skill.

So congrats folks, job well done.  Here are a few photos of our days on the range.

IMAG0403 (Small)IMAG0405 (Small)IMAG0410 (Small)IMAG0412 (Small)IMAG0425 (Small)IMAG0428 (Small)IMAG0435 (Small)IMAG0438 (Small)IMAG0440 (Small)IMAG0446 (Small)

Thanks for coming folks, it was a great weekend.  Please, leave an After Action Report (AAR) if you have time, I appreciate it.



  1. Keads - Thanks sir, it was a really busy but very enjoyable weekend!

  2. Nicely done, and good idea on covering first aid too!

  3. From Randy and June:

    Hi Bill,

    We were not sure where to post this, so hope you can take care of it. We were very pleased with the class. We learned alot. You did a great job of keeping it interesting and informative. We would recommend it for everyone. The diverse range of topics was nice.

    Many thanks.

    Randy & June