Sunday, August 19, 2012

Personal–The Love of My Life


40 years ago today the woman I had dated for over 6 years became my wife.  We had finished high school together, she had waited through a year of military training and through my two years over seas (did not see each other for those two years, snail mail only), agreed to marry me the night I came home from Vietnam, and confirmed she truly wanted to be my wife through a year long engagement.  Ya can’t say she wasn’t warned!!

Friday night we went to dinner with our best friends to the restaurant where our son works.  We enjoyed our 30 years of memories with them, our son’s good cooking and each other.  What a great evening.  In an adjoining room, there were a bunch of young women having a bachelorette party – lots of laughs, balloons, racy underwear as gifts that had to be held up and displayed for all to see . . . .  I was tempted to take my wife’s hand, knock on their door and say:  “See, this is what your next 40 years will look like – you have so many wonderful things to look forward to!!  Enjoy!!!”

My wife gave me one of “those” looks, told me to keep my butt in my seat . . . .   Smile

I’ve been well trained by the woman I love so much!  And, why spoil if for the young bride?  She has so many wonderful surprises just ahead . . . .

So sweetie – Happy Anniversary!!!  I Love Ya!!

August 19th, 1972

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June 2012

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice looking couple.

  2. Congrats, and here's to another happy 40 together!!! (insert cute emoticon of "beerchug" here)

  3. Wow...all of the above.

    Odysseus and I plan to be where you are in 32 more years.

  4. AGirl - thank you, Susie is surly the one that brings the good looks!

    Rabid - Thanks so much, we had a great day!

    Ms. H. - It will go so much faster than you can ever imagine!!! Enjoy the journey Ma'am!

  5. Happy Anniversary and Congrats