Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just the Basics . . .


More that a little while back I came up with the idea of taking many of my blog posts and moving them into a book.  Last night, about 11:30PM, the end to that process was finally realized . . .

Book Cover

I’m an engineer by nature and by training.  One of the core beliefs of an engineer is that you need to learn the “basics” first . . . then you can move forward to your specific field of choice.  You learn that math, physics, chemistry, reading, writing, speaking, program management, economics, computer skills – to name just a few – are part of your fundamental understanding of the engineering world regardless of your final destination be it electronic, electrical, mechanical, computer, industrial, bio-medical.  Without a knowledge of these basic building blocks of your foundational knowledge base – you will never be the engineer you want to be.

I carry this belief over the the world of defensive shooting as well.  Much of the training available today seems to want to take you to the “end point”, the run and gun point, the “tacti-cool” point . . . leaving much of the foundational information to be learned on the shooter’s own time.  I get this – it’s not near as interesting learning the nomenclature of different firearms, the history of gun powder, why “eyes and ears” are important . . . along with a multitude of other little details.  Everyone wants to make it go BANG! as soon as possible.

Yet, I hold to my belief that to be a well rounded shooter, the foundation, the fundamental elements of being a defensive shooter are important.  That is the purpose, the goal, the reason for this book . . . “Just the Basics – A Guide for the New Shooter”.

There are a number of folks who reviewed the manuscript – Jim, Kelly, Darin, Shelby, Chris – thank you for your thoughts, ideas and friendship.

A very kind woman, shooter and trainer shared with me her publisher’s name and advocated for the book – a big “thank you” goes out to Kathy Jackson, a well respected trainer and author in her own right.  Thank you Kathy for giving the new kid a hand up!

A book never gets to market without a publisher.  Skip Coryell of White Feather Press was good enough to give me this debut chance – I hope it lives up to all of our expectations.  Thanks Skip!

And finally, to the folks that stop by and read the blog – thank you!  One of my pleasures in life is to teach.  I hope all of you that come by pick up a nugget or two once in awhile – and that you share that nugget with your fellow shooters.  We grow best together – being safe, training with a good partner and making sure we are learning throughout our  entire shooting career!

Thanks to all – enjoy the book!

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