Monday, August 4, 2014

Commentary – What are the TOP 10 things to remember for an armed citizen?


How about a little “bear pokin’”?? What are the TOP TEN things you, as an  armed citizen who has chosen to carry a defensive weapon need to remember . . . least important to most important.

10. Wear “sturdy” shoes.

Your ability to move quickly may well mean the difference between another meal with your family . . . and a meal in the church basement after your funeral. Sturdy, good fitting and supportive footwear goes a long way towards giving you the best chance to run away or stand and fight.

9. Quality holsters and belts matter.

If your holster doesn’t secure your defensive weapon and keep it is a consistent location, you can be certain that you will not be able to get a firm grip for your draw stroke should the need arise. Spend the required amount of money to get a good holster for your defensive weapon and a sturdy belt to secure it to your body.

8. Pay attention – situational awareness is the key to avoiding a fight.

The best way to survive a gunfight is to not get in one in the first place. Whether you use the NRA’s “Levels of Awareness” or Jeff Cooper’s “Color Code” . . . PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU!

And, should a fight be forced upon you – the sooner you see it coming, the better your chances are to be able to effectively respond to it.

7. Conceal your defensive weapon – why give the BG a heads up??

Stop all the open carry crap! Why would you want to give the BG a heads up that you are armed? Why become a “shoot me first” target? Suck it up, make whatever life style changes you need to make and conceal your defensive weapon.

6. Use the largest caliber round you can control.

“If it don’t begin with a 4 . . . it ain’t gonna stop nothin’!” or “I carry God’s own caliber . . . .45 ACP!” It’s the argument that just keeps on giving. Still . . . if you can’t control the handgun. If you can’t manage the recoil . . . when you are going to depend on your defensive weapon to save your life . . . it isn’t going to end well. Find the largest caliber handgun you can control, find a version that fits your hand well . . . and then become the most lethal defensive shooter you can be.

5. More rounds in the magazine are a good thing.

Every bullet you can send down the barrel, every round your weapon can cycle into the chamber is one more opportunity to go home at the end of the day. 7 +1 with two spare magazines is better than 6 in the cylinder. 17 +1 with two spare magazines is 52 chances to see your family again. More rounds are better . . . PERIOD!

4. Accuracy counts more than caliber.

While “spray and pray” may look cool on TV is various and assorted crime dramas, 3-5 rounds placed quickly center mass will take the fight out of the vast majority of threats. If you can’t quickly and consistently meet this most basic of criteria for a defensive shooter . . . rather than spending your hard earned cash on another gun – spend it on some good coursework and a couple thousand rounds of ammunition for individual training on the range. If you can’t hit it . . . you can’t stop it.

3. Your defensive handgun MUST GO BANG EVERY TIME.

You may have the coolest, most tricked out defensive sidearm this planet has ever seen. But if it doesn’t go BANG!!!! Every frickin’ time you press the trigger . . . it may well make you dead someday. You choice is to either take your unreliable gun to a certified armor for that specific weapon . . . or buy a new, reliable defensive weapon. Choosing to carry a defensive weapon that “goes BANG most the time” is simply stupid!

2. Carrying without coursework and personal training is just plain stupid.

Carrying a defensive weapon without doing any course work, on-going course work, advanced coursework is yet another choice that can sent you home in a ZipLoc. Find GOOD coursework; take some sort of class each and every year – at a minimum. Then, bring what you have learned home to your personal training on the range. Set aside a couple thousand rounds each year for solid defensive training. You can’t integragte what you learn without range time. It’s difficult to learn new or advanced shooting techniques without face to face training on a live fire range. Take classes. Go to the range. TRAIN!!

We are talking about your ability to defend your life, the lives of your family or a friend in your charge. There are simply no shortcuts.

1. Carry your damn gun!!! EVERY DAY!!!

You would think that #1 would be so obvious, there is simply no need to mention it. Yet . . . how many times have you left your defensive weapon home because it was too much of a hassle to carry it, that it was too heavy, to big, wouldn’t stay in the holster . . . ??? There’s an endless list of excuses. Bottom line . . . you don’t have your gun? You can’t defend yourself. PERIOD!!

Carry your damn gun!!! EVERY DAY!!!

So there you have it . . . my thoughts on the top ten things an armed citizen needs to remember when they choose to carry a defensive weapon. I’d be interested in seeing what your thoughts are!


  1. Srsly, I think you covered it pretty well. Thank you!

  2. I would move the shoes to #2... But that is just me... Great list!