Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Commentary . . . Ferguson . . . ISIS . . . our future??


This imaged grabbed my attention today . . .


“ISIS Here” . . . and it got me to thinking . . .

One of the key elements that gives ISIS so much power over people – especially those already inclined to evil – is the foundational belief that everyone that believes differently, and refuses to convert, is of no value. It allows those darkest of dark areas of our soul – those insanely evil parts that permit gruesome murder, beheadings, rapes, the wholesale slaughter of youth in ditches, the sale of women and girls into slavery, stoning . . . those parts of us that are typically only envisioned in moves like “Saw” or “Halloween” or “Elm Street” . . . In fact, that such atrocities are considered religious acts cleansing the area of the “kafir” . . . a “voice”, a path to action.

Yes . . . yes . . . I know . . . the majority reject this type of behavior. True enough . . . but what kind of majority? A “Think Progress” poll conducted across 11 Muslim majority countries in September of 2013 indicated that 57% of the population rejected those that chose violence. 57% . . . that means that 43% are just fine with it. Take just a moment to wrap your head around that thought . . . . 43%. Just what does that mean??

In terms of population, there’s an estimated 1.8 BILLION Muslims in the world today. 43% of 1.8 BILLION . . . there are 774 MILLION that are accepting of violence against “kafir” to reach the stated goal of the Muslim faith . . . conversion of the world to Islam. That’s a number larger than twice the population of the United States. Breathe that number in for just a bit.

Let’s move our attention to disaffected black youth in our country today. They are – by CHOICE – uneducated, unemployed, restless and jealous of all the “haves” in their community while they see themselves as a “have not”. president (small “p” FULLY INTENDED) Obama ran on a platform of “they have it . . . you want it . . . I’ll take it from them . . . and give it to you!” and he won handily in the black community, because they have been suppressed since first arriving on a boat as a slave in 1700 n’sumthin. They are still slaves today – fully dependent on the largess of the government to put food in their mouth and shoes on their feet. And, if they can get that done . . . piss on it – they deserve it and they’ll just take it.

So am I painting with too broad a brush?

  • If I heard black preachers chastising the looters from the pulpit . . . I’d say I am. They’re not.
  • If I heard black community leaders chastising black men for the epidemic of unwed mothers . . . I’d say I am. They’re not.
  • If I heard black civil rights leaders chastising black men for killing each other . . . I’d say I am. They’re not.
  • Again, if I heard black religious leaders chastising young black women for having yet another child they cannot support . . . or worse – killing it before it’s born . . . I’d say I am. They’re not.

The silence in the black community is deafening . . . and very telling.

Ferguson is simply the latest in a string of black youth venting their frustration.

There is no respect for the business owner . . . because they are the problem. There is no respect for local white officials . . . because they are the problem. There is no respect for the law . . . because it is the problem.

You have a very large segment of the young black population so filled with rage – it lacks only a pinpoint focus to sweep our country.

Gangs have provided some of this focus. They create a “family”, demand and receive obedience and use these young black men for their own gain – be it financial, territorial or simply intimidation. They are very effective. Yet, they are secular . . . tied to worldly things for their approval, gains, place. What if there were an alternative?

What if there were an alternative that . . .

  • Saw whites as an enemy that can be justifiably killed out of hand?
  • Saw businesses as something to be seized and looted?
  • Saw white women as objects to be raped and enslaved?
  • Saw white men as simply something to be killed?
  • Saw banks as opportunities to expand their wealth?

And that all of these actions were fully justifiable and condoned by a common code of conduct?

What if there were a ready-made group that is begging for more members to join their cause to subdue the unbelievers? A group that had a foundational set of beliefs that commended these actions as pious acts and not as crimes against humanity.

A group such as ISIS supported by the Islamic faith.

Is it such a very large stretch of the imagination that the disaffected black youth look at ISIS, its conduct, its goals and finds a common cause in their fight against “the man”?

The black community is at a very perilous point . . . and I believe it could easily slide into madness. A second fight for the soul of the United States could easily pit a radicalized black Islamic culture against virtually everyone else.

Watch the footage of Ferguson, listen to the typical cadre of civil rights leaders, listen to the commentary of the MSM and the voices of the black youth on the street . . . and tell me it couldn’t happen here.

Look at your own communities, the level of unrest and unemployment in the young black population . . . and tell me they don’t blame you, that they don’t blame “the system”, that they don’t feel they deserve more and expect it to be simply given to them.

Look at the orgy of death in the black communities of LA, Chicago, New York, Detroit, New Orleans and tell me that the black youth of today value life, value knowledge and value hard work.

Look at the response of our current administration to the justified shooting of Travon Martin and the information of the on-going investigation into Brown’s killing . . . and convince me that their response is concerned with finding the truth rather than promoting a victim’s point of view.

Tell me why heinous crimes like the killing of Autumn Pasquale and their stuffing of her body in a trash can barely prompted a hiccup in the MSM but the killing of a robber attacking a police officer sets off riots and a 24/7 x 4 news cycle?

Convince me that should ISIS open their arms, share their religion and absolve all killing of whites or any other non-believer – that there are not a significant number of young black men – abandoned by fathers, mothers and society – won’t jump at the chance to take their place in the world.

The black community is playing a very dangerous game. Unless black leaders come forward – YESTERDAY – and get a handle on things . . .

This will not end well for anyone . . .


  1. There is one and ONLY one that.I know of... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B092acMImJE And he is NOT sugarcoating it!

  2. Decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

  3. A very sobering read can be found here http://westernrifleshooters.blogspot.com/2010/07/bracken-cw2-cube-mapping-meta-terrain.html

    There is nothing unique about Ferguson, Missouri. It could have happened in a hundred different zipcodes.

    Particularly sobering is are the comments regarding the fragmentation of the divisions. It will not be a clean and sanitary North/South divide. It will be very up-close-and-personal. The other sobering observation regards the dynamics of three-way splits.

    One of the factors that is completely ignored by the factions who are currently rioting is their precarious logistical and tactical position. They clearly have not thought this all through. Why would any truck driver want to make a delivery in a rioting neighborhood?