Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just the Basics - EDC Update February 2015


EDC . . . Every Day Carry. What do you carry on your person every day, without fail, that is specifically there to help defend you, your family or someone in your charge should the need arise? It seems the topic has been making the rounds again so I thought I would post an update of mine, chat about the changes I’ve made and just bring the topic up to date for me.

EDC February 2015 (Medium)

This is my personal EDC:

  • Glock 17 in a Blackhawk Leather IWB holster with 15 rounds of Critical Defense ammunition – one in the chamber. This has been the single biggest change in my EDC. I replaced my Ruger LC9 and returned to a full sized handgun. This is also my “range gun” so it is totally seamless going between training and carry.
  • Spare magazine with 15 rounds of Critical Defense ammunition
  • Samsung Note 3. I’ve loaded various apps and data files for first aid, navigation, survival, shot timer . . . and a number of other useful-to-me applications.
  • Casio 2000T watch. The most useful functions – other than telling time – it is solar powered, syncs to a radio signal, has a compass, altimeter and barometer. These come in very handy on pack trips or paddles.
  • Wallet with ID, carry permit, credit cards and very limited cash.
  • SureFire 6P Defender – great flashlight and secondary impact weapon.
  • Kershaw Skyline pocket knife.
  • Old Gerber tool carry pouch with a small lighter, ferro rod and striker and a Leatherman Juice CS4

So what does an EDC get you?

First, it develops a rock solid habit . . . carrying your firearm every day. You will never get to choose “the time” . . . it will choose you. Your primary defensive weapon, your firearm, does absolutely no good at home, unloaded and in the safe. The only place it has value to you to provide you the ability to defend yourself, your family or someone in your charge is if you have it on your person. Carry it! Every day!

While no one wants to get into an extended gunfight, it would seem that more and more I read about home invasions with multiple assailants. A “6-shooter” isn’t going to be much help taking on 2 or 3 home invaders. That is one of the reasons I always have a second loaded magazine. The other reason? Magazines, like any mechanical device, can fail – a spare allows me to be back in the fight within a couple seconds.

My Casio 2000T gives me a bit of an edge on pack trips and paddles. Quick dips in the barometer reading is a reasonably good indicator of a low front moving in and indicates a pretty good chance for rain. The compass is a backup to the compass that hangs around my neck on these trips and comes in very handy for a quick heading reading. And, no batteries is just a great extra benefit.

The SureFire 6P is one of the best flashlights I’ve ever owned. It has a great beam and the serrated bezel provides a solid backup impact weapon as well.

I’ve carried a pocket knife since I became a Cub Scout days. The Kershaw Skyline is a solid backup defensive knife – slim, sturdy and easy to open.

For over 15 years I’ve had a “rule” that you should always have 3 ways to start a fire in your pocket. The small Gerber pouch with the lighter and ferro rod provide 2 ways and a small Fresnel lens that rides in my wallet provides a 3rd. This rule came about after a particularly brutal paddle where being driven off a lake with only a few members having ways to start fires on their person showed a fairly large hole in my training method. I fixed that after we were all safely “out”. Add to that the Leatherman Juice CS4 and not only can I start a fire – I can fix darn near any piece of gear I have on my person as well.

The Samsung Note3. It can provide a multitude of functions – from a very accurate GPS to allowing me to read a book with a Kindle app. Not to mention the ability to phone home. That said, I see many folks replace knowledge and common sense with the ability to instantly access virtually any piece of information on the planet from their smart phone. This is a VERY BAD HABIT. Everyone should have foundational knowledge . . . smartphones should simply be a “bennie” of the age we live in.

Finally, our greatest item in our EDC is that which resides between our ears. Ideally, for the individual who has integrated concealed carry into their life style, that knowledge is growing all the time. Methods to observe your surroundings, things you learn taking various coursework, things you learn during your individual training sessions on the range, the latest techniques in first aid as well as a virtually limitless list of topics regarding personal defense, survival, weapons and their use . . .

Take a walk through your EDC. Are there things you need to change or add or eliminate? If you never carry a particular item . . . why? To big, too bulky? Or are you unwilling to make the changes in clothing and attitude to integrate it into your EDC. Both are opportunities for change.

Bottom line . . . if you don’t have your defensive weapon with you when “the time” presents itself in front of you . . . it is not going to end well for you.

Carry! Every day! Period!


  1. I'm minus the pistol and backup since I'm on the road, but I do have the knife and light. And a lighter and a small lens in the wallet... Sigh...

  2. I'm minus the pistol and backup since I'm on the road, but I do have the knife and light. And a lighter and a small lens in the wallet... Sigh...