Saturday, June 28, 2014

Range Trip - Some friendly competition between friends . . . via eMail . . .


A bit ago Engineering Johnson posted an E-Postal competition  with an end date of June 30th.  I’d forgotten about it until he posted a reminder that the due date was coming up.  I found a had a few hours free this morning after a much needed haircut so I headed to the range with my trusty Ruger 22/45 range gun and my carry weapon – a Glock 17 with stock sights.

Engineering Johnson is a bit of a Steam Punk fan so the target had a unique look to it . . .

small target

The rules were as follows:


Target size: 8.5x11”

Range:  10 yards (or as close as possible at your range)

Number of shots: 10

Position: Standing unsupported

Time limit: None

Scoring: Each shot counts once as the highest zone touched.  10 bonus points for scoring on all 4 gears.


1 – Iron sight rimfire

2 – Iron sight centerfire

3 – Optical sight rimfire

4 – Optical sight centerfire

5 – Open class:  Anything else.  If is unusual then shoot a target and send it in.  Send a picture too…if you and your gun look “steampunk enough” you will get extra points out of it!

Email scans or photos of your targets to my email address (right side near the top) by the end of June.

So, with a stack of 10 printed targets is spent a bit of time “warming up” and then settled in with the final 5 targets to take things a bit more serious.  I was reasonable pleased with the results using a stock Ruger .22/45 pistol with plain iron sights.  And, I ran a couple targets with my carry weapon, a stock Glock 17.  Here are the final results:


Based on the rules I shot a 62 out of a possible 100.  Next up – two targets from the Glock 17


Again, came in at 62 – not bad but I had one flyer round.  One more try yielded my “prettiest” target with rounds on all gears and all rounds hitting gears.  But, the score was a bit lower at 52.  This is what it looked like . . .


It was an interesting way to shoot against friends and the unique target made it all the more challenging. 

So – what did your last range target look like?  Was it a “standard” ring target or a defensive target?  Perhaps it was something unique?  How about sharing it?  Post a link in the comments so we can take a look – or post it to your Facebook page.

Because there are times when just a bit of a twist with your target shooting makes it just a bit more fun!



  1. I never did get to shoot this one... sigh... But I'm going to as soon as I get to the range...

  2. It was a fun exercise. I'm typically not much of a target shooter but it was a fun way to spend an hour or so Saturday morning . . . something about "an hour on the range sure beats an hour . . . doing darn near anything else!" :)