Monday, December 30, 2013

Training - Don’t put a hole in your ass . . . .


There are many important components to keeping yourself safe in today’s world . . .

  • Be aware
  • Be fit
  • Get trained
  • Carry a gun
  • Don’t shoot yourself in the ass . . .

Let’s chat a bit about that last one.

There’s been a running discussion for the past few days about an article from a paper in Lansing, Michigan about a guy in the Home Depot who shot himself in the butt. The incident came to light in an anti-hit piece that used it as the typical fodder for “reasonable” gun control and a sure sign that all gun owners are mindless idiots. Of course the fellow didn’t do himself or gun owners in general any favors. And the woman writing the article was definitely long on ASS-U-ME and kinda short on facts. Regardless – there was some “meat on the bones” of the article so to speak. This was my response to the FB group.

Agreed on the article - pretty thin on facts and long on anti-opinion. That said, there is some “meat” here to look at.

Complacency can do you real damage. If you are carrying concealed you need to practice your draws so you don’t “mistake” a loaded weapon for a wallet – or anything else.

Your trigger finger is NEVER part of the grip – ever. On target, on trigger - off target, off trigger.

Pocket guns have long/hard trigger pulls, if something feels different when reaching for your wallet – or anything else, STOP.

Really?? His weapon and wallet in the same pocket? Again, details matter and this young woman is playing loose with the facts I suspect.

Says volumes about carrying a “real” gun is a good holster on a sturdy belt rather than chucking a life-saving tool in a pocket. Wonder what would have happened if he’d have tried to draw under stress while someone was trying to stick a knife in his neck?

We have chosen a serious path in self-defense – carrying a loaded weapon to protect ourselves, or family or our friends. It pays to take that decision seriously.

Finally, virtually the same argument applied to this accidental discharge could be made about driving, drinking, surfing, skydiving . . . and the same reality would apply. Do dangerous things stupidly . . . it will not end well.

You – as a defensive shooter – put yourself in real danger from your carry weapon at two distinct times. During the draw – and when you reholster. In this case the man put an extra hole in his ass . . . not good. Imagine what could have happened if he appendix carried. A round – high in the crotch – is a very bad day.

Handguns have a number of “safety” features. I put “safety” in quotes because the ultimate safety is the shooter himself/herself and in most cases where the put a new hole in the body it is done through simply being complacent. The shooter is the best – and ultimately the only “safety”.

As I stated above, there is much that the fellow did wrong. What can you, as a person who carries a handgun as a defensive weapon do better? A few thoughts:

  • Wear good gear. I know there are times that pocket carry is your only alternative – I get it. Use a good pocket holster.
  • Dedicate a pocket to JUST CARRY YOUR WEAPON!
  • Train with your pocket gun/holster/pocket combination so you know how it feels and you can do it smoothly.

Use dry fire practice to work out the kinks of your system. Honestly, this should be part of training regardless of the weapon your carry. I do in excess of 50 draws 4-5 days a week on my dry fire range. If you don’t hone this single part of your skill set – your weapon is worthless. You could be a lethal shot but if you can’t get your weapon out of the holster and on target, your accuracy simply has no value.

Your trigger finger is NOT PART OF THE GRIP to draw your weapon. Keeping it straight until you are on an IDENTIFIED threat and you have made the DECISION THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO SHOOT is a must – period. I teach my students to stick the tip of their trigger finger in the ejection port so it has a “home”. So they have a tactile memory of what it feels like when their finger is off the trigger.

Your finger is the primary safety to any weapon you carry, from handgun to carbine. If you don’t put your finger on the trigger – it isn’t going to go BLAMMM!!!

But – if your trigger finger gets ahead of your brain . . .

If you decide that your trigger finger is just one more piece of your grip . . .

If you don’t pay attention . . . .

A new hole in your ass . . . or leg . . . or your wife . . . or child . . .

. . . is a very real possibility.


  1. Excellent point, and Mexican carry (in OR out of a pocket) is just an accident waiting to happen!!!

  2. Good post and good laugh. Really, you have to train yourself to know where you are carrying. When I dress, i feel naked if I don't have my gun in the holster because I know where it's supposed to be. I guess you can say that my equilibrium is off without it. He must have been a rookie CWL holder or a dumbass.