Monday, December 9, 2013

Commentary . . . Do you have rights? . . . Thoughts from an old fart . . .


A post appeared from a scout of mine on his Facebook page today. Our exchange went like this:

Scout: Do you believe that you have rights?...... Why? Who gave them to you? Can they be taken away from you? If they are inalienable and God given why do different countries have different numbers of rights? Why do some countries have no rights? Rights are nothing more then temporary privileges.

Me: Individual rights are a gift from God . . . but you have to want to keep them . . .

Scout: It seems to be the common explanation, I don't get it though, if God gave us the bill of rights why is there over 100 different rights documents in different countries that
say very different things? Did God just forget some inalienable rights for some people?
or perhaps God forgot how to count? Also what about amendments? did God change his mind due to reacting to some popular culture issue?

Rather than just a quick back and forth – I gave it some thought. We live in a disturbing time when Constitutional rights are simply ignored, when the “authorities” feel free to spy, invade, arrest at will. While it affects few – the effects can be felt throughout the nation. It unsettles me a great deal. After said “thought” – this was my reply:

Me: Perhaps take if from a different POV . . .God gave "us" preliminary guidance in the "Garden" . . . "do what I say", yet we also had free will and chose not to follow Him. He gave additional guidance in the 10 Commandments yet with our free will humans struggle with the "dark" and their ability to remain true to even these few 10 rules of civilized behavior. Throughout Jesus' life he led by example . . . actually showed us how to live our life . . . humans killed him for it.

Throughout history the strong have vanquished and ruled weak. I view our experiment as truly unique in recorded human history. You can view our Constitution however you choose - divinely inspired or just the work of truly gifted men that were - for the most part - men of faith. Their belief was that man . . . humans . . . were granted basic human rights, "life, liberty, pursuit of happiness". The Bill of Rights were an afterthought when fears of an expansive, repressive government crept in during the very early days of our government.

Personally, I choose to believe the "rights" as delineated are true whether put down on paper or not. The ability to speak freely, believe as I choose, associate with whom I choose, the right of personal/private property, to be treated equally, to be judged by my peers . . . and all the rest are my right as a human man. Regardless of location on the face of the earth. And, they are my mine to defend . . . or surrender as I choose. Countless people in the US - and across the world - have surrendered many of these freedoms in the "hope" of peace, in the "hope" of security, in the "hope" for freedom from want . . . and failed. There is nothing magic about the US. Many depend of the ruling government to provide for their needs and wants rather than the person they see in the mirror. Many live - actually depend on their continued ability to eat and have shelter - by the largess of the government. What the government gives . . . it can take away. Freedoms surrendered can be a bitch to get back.

I view the last election of Obama as a significant “tipping” point . . . he promised ice cream for all . . . simply lied in the face of those who placed their trust, their future, their wellbeing, their ability to have jobs, food and shelter . . . and still there is “hope” for “change”. We are now ruled by the “ice cream cone”. As for God – and His place in this, honestly I suspect he’s disappointed in our choices and directions. Still, we are choosing our path . . .

Not sure I will live long enough to see what happens when our social system collapses from its own weight. But as the saying goes – “that which cannot be sustained will not continue” . . . and our social network cannot be sustained . . . what comes after – it won’t be pretty. My advice?

  • Live small.
  • Make good friends.
  • Move to the center of the country.
  • Own enough property to be self-sufficient.
  • Own firearms, know how to use them and be willing to defend yourself, your family and your friends.
  • A strong faith will get you through the rough patches of your life, regardless of their cause.
  • Freedom is not free . . . ask a vet.
  • You, as an individual, choose to live free . . . or not

There ya go Doug, thoughts from an old fart. Remember, we live in the Matrix anyway . . . man that was a great trip!

I’d be interested in your thoughts . . . do we have “Rights”? What kind of danger are they in? Do you believe we, as a country, have the courage to stand up to an over-reaching government and simply say “No!”?

Big questions . . . big questions . . .

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  1. I'm not sure the 'will' exists to actually stand up to the government... As far as rights, I agree with your synopsis. The sad part is lies have become 'common' with government and we have ignored/not penalized those liars for way too long.