Monday, June 10, 2013

Range Trip - 6/9/2013 Been WAY too long


Something very unusual for this spring occurred over the weekend – no major rain showers . . . . what to do, what to do . . . .

Chores first – lawns here have been growing like the Amazon!! So Saturday morning saw me mowing my yard – 1.5 acres, about 1.5 hours. The afternoon saw me mowing the Ike’s grounds – 4+ acres, about 2.5 hours. Something about “lawnmower butt” comes to mind . . .

Sunday was to be heavy rain – NADA!!! Nice. So – again, all this time . . . . what to do . . . .

It’s probably been a month+ since things have truly been dry enough at the same time I had a hole in my calendar to go to the range. Sunday afternoon was it!

Packed up some target stand repair material, my trusty Springfield 1911, Ruger 22/45, 100 rounds of .22 and . . . . upon closer examination when I began to load my 1911 .45 ACP . . . . 100 rounds of 9mm. Heavy sigh.

Goals for the trip:

  • Minimum 80% for both marksmanship and “draw and engage”
  • 100 rounds .22 for “warm-up”
  • 100 rounds .45 to follow

Obviously, due to my “cranial rectal insertion” – no .45 work was done. Heavy Sigh!

My target was one of the LE silhouette and shape targets that I like so much. Below are my two results:


  • Triangles from 5 yards – 100% on left, 80% on right – each 5 round engagements.
  • Circles from 7 yards – 100% on both – each 5 round engagements
  • Square from 30 yards – 80% on left, 100% on right – each 5 round engagements.
  • 10 rounds, 7 yards, draw and engage – 80% within the silhouette

Not bad for the trip, I’ll take it. I believe the indoor range work with the SIRT pistols is having a positive effect. Draws were smooth, target pickup quick – it all felt good, even though it’s been close to 2 months since my last range trip.

I taped the target, and proceeded to engage the silhouette with 50 rounds from a distance of 7 yards or 10 yards, I didn’t tape in between.


Result – down 4 for 50 rounds, 92%. I’ll take it.

Hope you all have had an opportunity for some range time! Remember - make a plan, document your results and work on your skills each and every trip!


  1. Looks like the SIRT is worth the $$...

  2. Jim - I believe it's having good effects. I probably get 100 trigger presses with visible results on my "range" each and every day. I'm anxious to roll them into some of my classes this summer, will see if I can "move" some of my students quicker.

  3. Don't feel alone about the ammo/gun SNAFU; my "working" range is 30 miles from home, very dispiriting to find that I had brought a few hundred .357's for an Airweight Bodyguard in .38 Special. My "play" range is 10 minutes from home, and many more trips go there since!