Monday, April 15, 2013

Range Trip – LaserLyte with Springfield 1911


I’ve changed to my Springfield 1911 as my carry weapon and for our steel shoots this year.  A couple of reasons:

  1. I seem to have no problem buying new brass and large pistol primers
  2. I have plenty of powder for the next couple years
  3. I’ve secured enough lead for around 2,200 bullets – that should get me through the year.
  4. Cause I wanna . . . . .

You can see the range log entry for today here . . . .

Some thoughts and observations:

I am more “deliberate” drawing my 1911 than I am with my G17.  This seems to manifest itself in a more distance grip and draw from the holster, a more deliberate rotate/extension/join/safety off and then trigger press.  The result is an average time for 25 draws of 2.25 for a first round hit with one draw that went so badly off the rails I just stopped and reholstered.  The bottom line is about .5 seconds added to my first round hit with the 1911.  That said, I am time is at about the same place as I was the end of December 2012.  Soooo – thinking with my regular LaserLyte range work, my time will come back in line – around 1.7 seconds or so.

Accuracy was fine with the one draw mentioned earlier.  So, 24/25 were combat effect hits.  This was my break from the traditional Monday alligators from the hospitals and nursing homes I sell our software to.  A little breather was needed!

Had your dry fire today?  25 draws a day will work wonders!

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