Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review – NRA Basic Pistol 2/17/2013


This past Sunday’s course was quite a change from last month!  Temps were in the upper teens with little to no wind . . . . as opposed to last month’s 8 degrees and 15+ MPH wind.  Things are moving in the right direction!!

And, a much smaller class this time – 6 folks signed up with two of those having a last minute change in plans, so only 4 folks in the class.  Ah well.

All guys this time.  That, at times, can prove “challenging”.  There’s something about guys and guns . . . . we feel bad if we don’t know everything about them.  And, we are sometimes tempted to “BS” our way through.  Gratefully – that was NOT the case this time.  I had Ted, Theodore, Dennis and Wayne show up for the day with their attitude definitely in the right spot! 

All but Wayne are, what I would call, shooters.  Ted and Theodore (father and son) are big black powder guys – including flintlock pistols and rifles.  Dennis’s father was a LEO so he has had a life time of exposure to handguns.  Wayne is new to this skillset.  That said, all four jumped in, asked questions, listened, talked and did great on the range.  Honestly, regardless of class size or male/female mix – you just can’t ask for more than that!

Thanks for comin’ guys! You all did great!!!






  1. That's great... Educating another group means more trained shooters out there!

    1. Yep, good bunch of guys! Next cool thing on tap . . . . a free fire arms safety training night for our community at the Ikes. Hopin' for a great turnout!