Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Training – Massad Ayoob discusses “Stand Your Ground”

Stand Your Ground has received a great deal of attention since the Martin/Zimmerman incident in Florida.  Pay particular attention at about the 8 minute mark and see if you believe Zimmerman responded within the boundaries of “Stand Your Ground”.

He also discusses an incident regarding an Iowa citizen towards the end of the lecture.  Yet, our Democrat controlled Senate refused to advance Iowa’s own SYG law.

As I have discussed in earlier posts, drawing your weapon and employing deadly force is a grave responsibility.  Yet, when your very life, when the lives of family or friends or other citizens are about to be taken – a citizen who carries lawfully has the right to defend and protect themselves and others.  They should not face personal and financial ruin because a violent criminal chose the wrong victim.

Take the time to watch this, it is well worth your time!

(H/T Tanjo Jouliet)


  1. Finally got around to watching it...glad I did! Thanks for posting...linked over at my site.

  2. More than welcome Gentlemen - though full credit goes to T/J - that is where I first saw it.

    My biggest concern with SYT is that some of the stories I read that are determined to be "good shoots", I'd hate to bet my life on them. The one that makes me cringe the most is the "shot while trying to break in". Scares the crap outta me. Call the police, tell them someone's trying to break in but don't shoot them while they are still outside of the home. Rule 4 anyone??

  3. Saw your comment at Old NFO's site...
    I started my VN tour in November of '68 with the "Gambler Guns" outta Camp Enari, and wondered if our tours overlapped.
    Spent most of my flying there at Dak Pek, Dak To, and Polei Kleng.
    (I was infused to Chu Lai in January... BEST thing that ever happened to me.)

  4. That's a great video.

    And yes, well worth it to listen to the story of Jay Rodney Lewis.