Thursday, May 3, 2012

NBC Warfare – the perfect “delivery” system.

Long ago, in another life, I was a NBC warfare officer.  I’ve spent more time in chemical suits, working on decontamination methods and reviewing different delivery systems and how to defeat them than I care too remember.

Well, there is one system that is particularly deadly – actually it has successfully infected me in the past, and now – it has compromised my defenses yet again.  In this particular instance it was a dual delivery system.  One was a cute little 6 year old granddaughter by the name of Ms. A, the second a 4 year old bundle of cold virus called Ms. E.  Their virus package was particularly effective and I found myself this past afternoon and evening attempting to recover in my recliner.

Beware these highly effective little critters – impossible not to love them, yet they can surly take a toll on grandpa!

Looking forward to a quick recovery, they’ll  be here this weekend!  :)


  1. Have version 3.25 (yrs aged) calling me Daddy these days, so I totally and completely understand. No better cure than a dimly lit room, liquid refreshment, and a marathon of "Godfather", "Usual Suspects", and "Kelly's Heroes" playin. Just sayin'.

  2. Sound advice sir - though I lean more towards "Star Trek". :)