Friday, February 24, 2012

Training . . . . .

Training is always exciting and a bit nerve wracking.  What if I look like the biggest putz anyone at the course has ever seen?!?!?!?!?  Yep, even though I have taken any number of training courses on any number of topics – I always get butterflies.  Yet, it MUST be done!!!  (that’s the story I’m telling Mrs. Bill – and I’m stickin’ to it!!!”

So yes – that was a payment that was sent to Suarez International for their Point Shooting Progressions course.  Sounds like a real blast (pun definitely intended).  I’ve never taken a training dedicated to point shooting – should be interesting, will provide you folks a full A.A.R. when it’s all over.

And, why yes, that is an acceptance email from the NRA accepting my application for a Training Counselor Workshop this September!  Very cool – looking forward to that as well!

Finally, looking at TDI’s Level I-III Handgun course for August.  Hummm . . what to tell Mrs. Bill?
Going to be a fun summer/fall.

Oh, of course, my own courses – next one I’m teaching is the NRA Basic Pistol course tomorrow at a local Gander Mountain.  Fun, fun, fun!!

Find some training folks, tac up and go learn something new, meet some fun people and hone your defensive skills so you can truly protect yourself, you family and friends.  You may go you whole life and never have to fight off an attacker – or violence may stalk your home tonight.  Training and preparation are your best defense!

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  1. There was an attack on a lady near where I work recently. She owns an antique mall on the highway, as I was driving past on my way to the office earlier this week I noticed that there were a bunch of police and fire trucks there, and the whole building was caution-taped off. The eaves looked kinda scorched. So I looked it up on Google (yeah...I know...I actually read a news article)...apparently some arsewipe decided to go in, beat the woman up, dragged her around her shop, doused it/her in gasoline, and set it all on fire. She escaped with minor burns. My first thought was "security cameras, silent alarms, and your cellphone might've helped to get emergency vehicles out there to help clean up and put out the fire, but nothing would beat a nice double-barrel under the counter and an angry pitbull over in the corner." I'm glad she made it out alright, but I have to wonder how different the news would be if she'd been armed, trained, and prepared? Still, I'd much rather read an article blasting her for shooting some lowlife than read one where she was a "noble victim who did the right thing and didn't resist".