Friday, February 24, 2012

A soldiers “thanks” to the MSM

I have a very close friend in “the ‘stan’ right now.  He’s one of my Eagle Scouts, watched him take to the wilderness since he was about 11.  He’s a 1st LT. now.  Here’s his facebook post this morning:

“I would like to thank the liberal media for turning an innocent cultural mistake into a book burning atrocity against all muslims. When you accept your paycheck from your western based media corporation and go to sleep tonight in your safely guarded American built building, will you also take responsibility for the soldiers who were killed by their own afghan partners because of those stories? I'...d complain about the hypocrisy of denouncing civilian deaths while you now incite deadly riots, but somehow its hard to find compassion for the same people that are now calling for the death of all Americans. Sleep well in that bed knowing the soldiers protecting you now lock their doors and have to watch the very afghans living within those same walls as closely as the Taliban outside.”

He’s a great young man, please keep him and his troops in your prayers.


  1. My hat's off to all the guys over there. And for the record...the media sucks. News, newspapers, whatever. I quit even reading the comics in the newspaper years ago, because that would mean that someone would have to pay for a paper. I quit watching TV (with the exception of a couple of shows, on occasion, on History or Military or H2 or Discovery channels. And the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning while our 3-year-old waits to go to daycare.), also. There's just nothing original there anymore.

  2. Yep, I agree. It would be interesting to know what the end game is for the MSM, especially since they seem to have no problem promoting global despots. Do they think they will enjoy any kind of freedoms in those countries as time goes forward?

    I'm pretty proud of the LT. He's a good kid, a good leader and a good warrior. He and his troops are really being hung out there though. Reminds me of Vietnam in the early 70s. Everyone is ready to go home, supply lines suck and you spend a lot of time in "indian country" without support. I'll be glad when he and all his guys rotate back.

    It's time to pack it in there. We got the bad guy, put a hurt on his organization - simply no more to be gained by sticking around.

    Thanks for stoppin' around, I appreciate it.

  3. Heh, no problem. There's always room to learn more, and I love how your site is geared towards those who are starting out, so I don't have to open an extra tab to Google all those acronyms!

    Old Navy guy myself (as in, I was in the Navy...the store, I have nothing against, but rarely find any styles that I would be caught dead in), I was in boot when Desert Storm was ending, and got out in 98, in time to complete my 2 years' inactive reserves before 9-11 happened. So while I understand the day-to-day stresses of military life, I can only imagine how combat would amplify that. I try to go out of my way to at least shake the hand of or say thanks to every man or woman I run across in uniform, or wearing a service ballcap (and being a minor WW1/WW2 history buff, I REALLY get a kick outta talkin with older vets!). I can't verify its authenticity, but there was a story floating around awhile back about Schwartzkopf and his response to the US politicians in Kuwait. He said that if it were up to him, he'd walk up to the negotiation table, and tell them that his troops were at their disposal. But they weren't free. You want us to protect your oil wells? Fine. Lower the cost so that the most expensive gas in the US would be a buck. Don't want to do that? Okay, that's fine. Its your oil, so you set the prices. We'll see ya later, and send a "no hard feelin's" Hallmark card to Houssein as the US pulled ALL of their troops/equipment out. Heh. Now, THAT's negotiations!

    Okay, I'll stop there, I could rant on about the media for a good long while. Probably better to just ignore them. Enough people do that, their ratings will be screwed. And its all about ratings, not news.