Monday, April 14, 2014

Personal - Perspective on “Another Year of Livin’”


“I just want to celebrate another year of livin’” . . .

The lovely and lively “Miss Lou” and Grandpa celebrated “Another Year of Livin’” last night after a fine meal and in the company of family.  She hit the “BIG 2” and Grandpa . . . a few more than that . . .

I want to pause and ponder that just a bit.

Miss Lou is our daughter’s and her hubbie’s number 3 child.  This past year has been a blessing in so many ways but at it’s simplest just watching her grow, enter “the two year old phase” of life and begin to see the young woman that she will become is one of life’s pleasures that – if you don’t slow your life, quiet your mind and truly take time to watch and observe . . . it’s gone in an instant and forever. 

On those days when I wonder about my purpose, my reason for existence – thinking of our kids and grandkids truly puts purpose to the whole scheme of things for me.  I love Miss Lou and all of them with all my heart.  And time in celebration of her birthday – as we will do with each parent, child and grandchild in turn – is time well spent and a solid grounding in the important things in life. 

As for me rolling another year – I keep waiting to feel  “different”, “older”, “grown up”.  I do grumble about body parts that don’t work quite as well as 40-50 years ago.  It was nice to lay on a double Thermarest on our annual campout this past year, shooting drills with words like “kneel”, “squat”, “run” seem to make me reach for “Vitamin I” at the end of the day . . . and still . . . when I reach into my mind and view “me” – I still see the geekie 16 year old out on his first date with his far distant bride to be.

So – I’ve been granted this past year.  I pray I used it wisely.  I am certain there are many times I did not . . . and some that I did.

And, I’ve been granted the very beginning of another . . . the beginning of my 65th.  Body parts in relatively good shape, head still fairly well screwed on, surrounded by a loving family and with an abundance of good friends.  God has truly blessed this soul . . . Sir – thank you!

The point of this rambling is that whatever your current trial, problem, fear . . . take the time to ponder and remember all the good that has been placed in your lap.  It is the love and the good and the joy that breaths life into your soul – enjoy today . . . with all your heart!

And here is the dashing couple – Grandpa and Miss Lou . . . the cakes were GREAT!!!

Grandpa and Mss Lou

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