Saturday, October 26, 2013

Personal - A photography table


I’m not really sure where to put this particular post regarding my photography table . . . so let’s just call it “personal” and get on with it.

My mom purchased my first “real” camera for me for Christmas 1965. It was a Yashica Lynx-5000. It was a 35mm rangefinder with built in light meter, adjustable shutter speed and a host of features that provided me my first handhold into real photography rather than the Kodak Instamatics there were so popular in the 60s.

Since that time a host of cameras have found a home in my bag with my Nikon D100 being my current workhorse. That said, honestly I turn more and more to my Samsung Galaxy Note II “Phablet” for my daily photography needs. It’s capabilities are far beyond the “just a quick photo” level.

Regardless of camera choice, there are times in this blog that I need to take designated photos of equipment to write about. My most recent post contained images of carry ammunition that needed to be well represented in the post. While images are available from the company website, should I want to publish the posts in a broader range of material – copyrights can jump up and bite me in the butt. This has lead me to do much of my own photography – a hobby I already enjoy.

To facilitate this, I have a “photography table” that assists in the lighting of the items to be photographed.


The kit I purchased for this task was the:

Square Perfect SP500 Platinum Photo Studio In A Box with 2 Light Tents & 8 Backgrounds For Product Photography

It consists of the large and small light boxes on the table along with various color backgrounds and the two small lights on the table. The two large ones behind the table were purchased years ago and I simply cannot find them listed anymore.

This, then is the table I use to make photos such as this one:


It allows me to reduce shadow, adjust shadow and have even lighting over the subject of the photo. I then use Photoshop for final cropping, color management, brightness and contrast.

If you are looking to provide your own images for your blog posts or for your course material – I would offer this equipment (or similar equipment) as a solution to reduce the amount of time spent taking and editing photos. Honestly, this little table gets quite a work out and saves me countless hours of tweaking with an image.

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