Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Range Trip - 8/13/13 - Steel Shoot


Honestly attendance has been off this summer.  Ammo is a big problem, a wet start in May and the start of June – it all kind of put us off our game.  Still, the last few scheduled nights, attendance has been “OK”.  We had a simple setup.  Right to left:

8 X 10 White rectangle – 45 feet

8” White Round – 30 feet

8” White Round – 45 feet

8 X 10 White Rectangle – 30 feet

8” Red Round – Stop Plate – left at 45 feet.

Nothing really tricky, just a fun night shooting.  I used both my carry Glock 17 – 50 rounds, and my 22/45 Ruger range bag gun – 50 rounds.  Here are the results:


(Editor Note – date on the score sheet is wrong, it was 8/13/13)

The last 5 runs – 8 – 12 are the .22, rest are the Glock.

Can always do better.  Still I only had one run that I failed to hit a plate.  Funny how your brain can take you sideways.  So, lessons learned:

  1. Focus, focus, focus – just drive the plates.
  2. Front sight, front sight, front sight.  Stop looking at the damn plate!!
  3. Have fun – push your limits,
  4. Be happy with a 5.96 for your best run, there’s always next time!

As a side note a new shooter brought his brand new Coonan .357.  HOLY CRAP!!  I acted as Timer/RSO, stood at the shooters 7 o’clock.  The concussion felt like one of those guys you see in early 60s rocket sleds!!  The muzzle flash was long enough and large enough to roast hot dogs!  And the brass was ejected at least 40 feet – it went over our side-wall berms.  I LIKE IT!!  And, it seemed to be a pretty good shooter.

Anyway – my pitch is hit the range, do something different, push your skill set . . . and enjoy!


  1. Nice ones Sir, and I wonder how his hand felt after those plate runs! :-D

  2. Let's say it had "significant" recoil?? :) That said, it's a fairly heavy gun, solid steel. The mag is about the width of a .45 ACP but probably twice as long (front to rear). You could simply feel each and every round - probably 5X what I normaly feel when timing for .40 cal. There was no doubt he was holding something that could lay some serious hurt on anyone! Never thought last nite - next shoot I'll take some video.