Saturday, June 30, 2012

Holy Crap it was hot . . . .


Yep – there’s a heat wave in Iowa.  The “Boy” has been after the old man to go to an IDPA shoot with him – today was the day.  (nearly 80 at 6 AM).  Couple of hours of setup – 6 stages (nearly 85 by 7:30 AM).  Range brief, broke us up into 2 groups.  9:30 AM range brief done, stages set, ready to rock (and we’re at 95). 

Gotta admit the “Boy” kinda handed my butt to me – nice to see him do well!  And, one more thing to note – very high heat can definitely effect my ability to shoot!  Anyway, videos will be posted tomorrow so you can chuckle along with him.  :) 

So, as we go though this long, hot summer together – some thoughts:

  • Drink lots of water – LOTS!!
  • Sun screen.
  • Loose clothing – shed your cover garment between shoots to keep cool
  • Up  your level of focus – high temps, tons of sweat, various levels of dehydration – all lower your ability to focus, compensate for it.
  • Sweat towel – I’ve had one since the late 60s, they were almost an iconic part of the uniform of the Vietnam troop.  Do they even do that any more??  Anyway, make a sweat towel part of your range bag, Boggie-Bag, back pack – you’ll come to love it.
  • Enjoy the day – we had a great time – even with the  heat.  18 shooters, good conversation, gentle ribbing, takin’ crap from the Boy – it was a good day!
  • Did I mention drinking water??

Just as many folks won’t shoot in the dead of winter – many avoid the range in high heat/humidity as well.  Again – bad guys are a 24/7 deal, year around.  So – hit the range, find a shooting competition, make new friends and have fun!


UPDATE:  Some updates – quit laughin ‘ at the fat, old guy in the beige boonie hat!!  :)












Still a few more on the hand-held camera, will see if I can get them up tonight.


  1. Glad you finally made it out to a match. "The boy" did pretty darn well in deed. It gets easier the more you do it. Planning some neat stages for July!

    1. Hey JD, it had a good time, sure I will be back. I suspect the "boy" will remind me, from time to time, about this outing! :) He better keep checking his six thought!

    2. Here's a teaser for July

  2. We went to the range today too, ONLY 93 out here... And yeah, sweat towels ARE part of my bag! :-)

    1. I would expect nothing less from you sir . . . nothing less. :)

  3. Awesome!!

    I am good in the heat, well at least it doesn't affect me But the cold, that kills me.

    1. I was surprised that it affected me so much - heavy sigh. Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!! :) Cold is OK on the range - I can do an all day class at below zero temps without gloves and not really notice it. Well, got some more stuff to work on now - and plenty of heat to practice in!! Going to be in the low 100s the end of this week - again! Must be summer in Iowa! :)