Thursday, April 12, 2012

Commentary – Life at the speed of “life”

There’s a myth among folks that, as you get older - “life will slow down”.  In your teens and twenties, who really cares.  You’re young, strong – ready to learn and make your mark on the world.

In your 30s and 40s – you are IN life;  work, children, children, children, work, work – miscellaneous “bumps and illnesses” – work, work, children . . . .  The road can seem endless at times, you are experiencing “Life at the speed of “life” “ in a very intimate and personal way.  And . . . . you hear about this mythical time when all will slow down and you begin to reap the harvest of your efforts – that mythical thing called “time”.  Time to sit on the porch, time to vacation, time to fish, hunt, camp – oh to only reach “that time in your life”.

Your 50s and 60s are spent in enlightenment – the realization that life will always be lived “at the speed of life”.  And, there is a bit of a dread that builds – what if I have to slow down – because of hearts or lungs or joints or sight – it can be a pretty disconcerting list, enough to force a person to loose focus on life and be concerned with “what if’s”.  Of course, life also takes care of that by throwing “little bundles” your way.  I received mine on Monday . . . . .

Please meet Miss Lucinda Richelle., her lovely mom and old-fart Grandpa.

IMAG0077 (Small)     IMAG0081 (Small)   IMAG0085 (Small)
Beautiful Grandma MrsBill and Grandma D as well as sisters and Da Daddy
IMAG0083 (Small)    IMAG0090 (Small)    IMAG0095 (Small)
She is a reminder that life has continued for millions of years – and will continue long after I’m dust.  She is a reminder of everything that is new and lovable and possible is the world that we live in.  And, she’s a reminder I’m not as old as I some days feel – probably only 10 years or so until her and gramps hit the “take your daughter to the range” day together.
Life simply happens at the speed of life – and some speed bumps are a very welcome thing indeed.

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  1. Congrats! Fun times ahead. . . but you're now in the enviable place where when she cries you can hand her over and then go take a nap!

    "work, children, children, children, work, work – miscellaneous “bumps and illnesses” – work, work, children" -- this is where I am at the moment. Well put.