Thursday, March 1, 2012

First round of steel

Too much fun!!!  One of the other Ikes officers couldn’t wait until I finished up my work.  He calls – “Bill, got your gun in the car??  I have the steel targets assembled and painted – wanna  shoot??”  Does a bear crap in the woods??  (they do, seen’em)  Suddenly, my work magically cleared up – imagine that!!!  So, range bag in the car, a .22/.45 and a 1911 in the bag, couple boxes of ammo and off I went.
IMAG0004Here’s a photo of the setup we used to “range test” the targets.  (no, seriously, the NEEDED to be range tested!!)
  Jerry was nice enough to shoot a quick video with my cell phone. 

It was just too much fun.  There were a couple of guys there patterning their turkey gun – so they just had to try it too.  What a hoot to watch them.  I think the chapter has a hit  on its hands.  Can’t wait for the first chapter shoot!!

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