Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From the beginning

So, you’ve decided to take a training course – what are the basics you should know? Well, let’s start with “safety first”. The NRA has their three basic rules:

1: Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction.
2: Never load your firearm until you are ready to use it.
3: Keep your finger OFF THE TRIGGER until you are on target.

A forth is typically added:

4: Be sure of your target and what’s behind it.

The word “Always” means exactly that – ALWAYS, with out fail, without exception. If you follow this single rule, regardless of anything else, no one can get hurt.

The word “Never” means exactly that – NEVER, without fail, without exception. If you follow this single rule the possibility of hurting someone during cleaning or dry fire or working behind the firing line on a range evaporates.

The words “OFF THE TRIGGER” means totally, fully and completely outside the trigger guard until you are on target – a target that you have fully identified. If you follow these words, you can be assured you shoot only that which you intend to shoot – and nothing else.

Finally, the forth set of words “Be sure” means exactly that – be positive, without doubt, fully aware of what you are about to shoot AND what will you hit if you miss or if your round fully penetrates your target and exits merrily onward destroying all it its path.

This is the beginning. This is the starting point. The weapon in your hand, the device that is designed to kill things, to end lives, to permanently interrupt the breathing cycle will do it’s job with unerring effectiveness. It is YOUR DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to exercise your right to carry and use this weapon safely.

Always – Never – OFF THE TRIGGER – Be sure . . . . . . these are words to live by as your enter your shooting career.

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