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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Political - I find myself enraged!


I usually try to leave politics off this blog.  I’ll make an exception for this.

Just a little something to make your head explode . . . compliments of Obama and the Democrats . . . .

The daughter of a cousin dropped me a message this morning. Her husband is in the military and recently returned from a TDY. While on the TDY (Temporary Duty Assignment) he used his government credit card . . . . well, why don't you just read her words . . .

Charles came home from work yesterday and told me he got an email telling him he was responsible for his government credit card payment due to the shutdown. They sent him on TDY for 3 weeks, he didn't have a choice, and now because of the shutdown not only does he not get his travel claim he has to pay his government credit card payment.

Try to wrap your head around that.  He was ORDERED to go TDY.  He was given a GOVERNMENT credit card to use while on TDY.  He was gone 3 WEEKS!!!  ON GOVERNMENT BUSINESS!!  And for his service to our country . . . . HE IS EXPECTED TO PICK UP THE TAB!!!! 



This is what the Obama and the Democrats think of our military. Order them to deploy, give them a government credit card . . . . and then expect them to pay the tab . . . .

You might think of passing this on to your congress-critter!


  1. I'm once more reminded of Mencken's line: "Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

    Apparently we're normal.

  2. New drinking game! Every time a .gov employee, from Park Ranger up to POTUS, tramples on a Right enumerated in the BoR, take a drink. Guarantee you'll be snoring under the table before you get to the end of the Bill of Rights.

    1. Alternate game: Every time a .gov employee, from Park Ranger up to POTUS, tramples on a Right enumerated in the BoR, load a mag. Guarantee you'll be ordering mags and extra safes to store them all in before you get to the end of the Bill of Rights.

  3. I have had my fun times dealing with BOA over payments on government cards. Never my fault, always disbursing draggin heels.

  4. I was retired before the real expansion of credit cards being issued for travel. I always had to fill out what felt like dozens of pages of crap accounting for every dime. And I had more than one round with Personnel to get paid. This feels so darn personal though - anything to create pain and discomfort on our military. The level of this man's distain and disrespect is simply beyond the pale.

  5. The congress folks absolutely do NOT care. They're not off work or being forced to work and then not getting paid.